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What game are you currently playing thread?



I know I never paid $7.79 Canadian for this and likely got it for free but it is a thinking man’s game and quite fun. The only issues I have had with it thus far is the responsiveness of the controls and I had some resolution changing related problems but found a solution for that. Anyway HaPpY Gaming everyone!


Started Puzzle Agent. So far simple puzzles (except the one where you have to find out a specific time with the help of some vague statements…hate that kind).
The setting is great, totally up my alley: The protagonist - Nelson Tethers - works for the U.S. Department for Puzzle Research and has been given the task of finding out what happened at the Eraser factory in a small town in Minnesota, which supplies the erasers for the White House.
FBI Special Agent on a mission in a small remote town? Fuck yeah!

btw, it’s still on GoG for sale, along with many other Telltale games (remember Sam & Max? yep, there was a time when Telltale didn’t just poop out “interactive novels”) for the next ~24h.


9 hours of this I played today or possibly more on the Xbox 360 system. There were plenty of players to play with despite the game now being able to be played on Xbox One and I was happy with that as I want to get some more use out of my old gaming systems. Btw in terms of how I did … eh I really have to be one of if not the world’s worst gamers. I clearly sucked. Most of the time I ended up with 1 or 2 kills plus 10+ deaths. I even had a game where I had 0 kills. Btw if it wasn’t for a phone call I got I would have continued to play this game for even longer. A fun game that people bash and I am not sure why. If anyone can fill me in on what many think is wrong with the game please do.

Btw the reason I shared this photo for the game is I want to say …

  1. I still can’t use the bloody camera included as the buttons are too small to mess around with.

  2. I was really disappointed that on Activision’s website one could still not use the code for certain things included in this edition of the game. No reason to have a limited time use for it. Now thankfully though the season pass and something else was able to be used on the Xbox Live store or whatever.

So yeah in getting this COD Ghosts Prestige Edition I really didn’t get everything I should get and that is bullshit.

COD Ghosts


I think I have a boxed copy of this or maybe two but anyway tonight I played this tonight on Steam and I had an enjoyable experience once I switched to my saved games from 2014. : ) I did look to see if anyone was playing MPer but nope. Even if there would have been people playing I’d say it would likely have been a horrible experience as the map I was on I got stuck to so many things with nobody chasing me. It just wasn’t possible to move fluidly through it. I do hope to try some other MPer maps in the future at least against my son and hey if anyone else has this game I am up for trying MPer with you sometime.

Oh and as for the price on Steam for this game I guess I’d say yes you can get better games for this price during sales and even not during sales so I will not push anyone towards this game but I can say the single player experience I had was acceptable and playing with old school graphics plus seeing those old school cut scenes that were probably ahead of it’s time eh I will definitely be going back to this game again soon.


I haven’t started yet, but I finally got Tacoma downloaded and installed last night. For some reason, Steam didn’t have a day 1 Linux release for Tacoma (probably because SteamOS), so I got it on GOG. Really looking forward to this one as Gone Home was surprisingly intense.

Also Fallout 4 continues to be a big one in our house. I bought a copy for the wife a few weeks back and have been watching her play to see the paths that she takes in the game, and how the RNG treats her. It’s been very interesting as she hasn’t stumbled across many fusion cores in the game yet, so it’s actually kind of dangerous to use the power armor. The idea that you may have to abandon your armor out in the commonwealth due to not having fusion cores is something that hadn’t occurred to me, as fusion cores have been littered about the game when I played. On that note, Fallout 4 needs a mod that makes a fusion core running dry actually a problem. As it stands, when a fusion core runs out of power, a new one is thrown magically into the armor without any interruption in service.

Fun story. My wife’s playing inspired me to start a new game. So when sent off to Tenpines to help them out, I stopped off at the robotics junk yard just east of Sanctuary. I activated the sentrybot there and told it to guard Fort Hagen, just to see if that would affect the game at all. So I carry on to Tenpines and they send me to Corvega (I have played through this part numerous times, and oddly on the last playthrough they did not send me to Corvega, which I thought was interesting). I head to Corvega, get there, find I don’t have much room in my inventory,

No problem, I figure I’ll discover the place and head back to Sancturary, and come back later. It was the dead of night, after all. So I discover it, then I head off to the west to grab a Nuka Cola Quantum, and suddenly Corvega lights the hell up with gunfire. Someone throws a molly and there’s a large burning object moving and shooting at Corvega. Turns out the sentrybot had just arrived and started murdering the shit out of the raiders at Corvega. That was hilarious, so I threw in with the sentrybot figuring it was probably the easiest way to deal with all of the raiders outside of the facility.


Anyone going to play hellblade? If you have how is it?


Post 666 taking about hellblade… Cool…
Jim Sterling is praising the game. It’s possible to get stuck and unable to complete the game and he got stuck, so yeah…


is not the best at reviewing imo lol, just wanted more info from the peeps.

maybe in a few days will be more reviews from some more youtubers.


Hellblade is a step into the right direction for game developement. This game/experience completly surprised me in such a positive way i would give it a 10/10. I am already a fan. I mean i changed my picture into the hellblade logo.


We may actually need a but more than that…


Very curious and intrigued by this game, especially as I’ve been leaning more toward atmosphere lately than flashy or sheer volume of content.


IGN has what I think is a nice review, will definitely be buying this one.


I just played some games out of finding out Desura was no longer around. I ended up trying out the one if not only Desura game I bought which was still installed and ran and that is Chernobyl Commando. It is pretty bad but fun in strange way. I do not like though that I never know if my health is ok or not. I also see no health recovery system. The other game I played tonight was from the new service OnePlay which bought Desura and something else. The game I played was Criminal Minds. I loved the show and honestly I like the seemingly casual play of this game. Again change sometimes is good. I did not try it on the hardest difficulty however so I will be interested to see just how tough this game can be. Now I am not paying for the service but I have a free trial of some sort. Btw so far I think the only game I bought from Desura was Chernobyl Commando but I could be wrong. I see other games in the software list for Desura but I wonder if Desura was one of these gaming apps where it allowed you to add non Desura games like Steam allows. If that is not the case then I am worried about some of the titles I see that I can still play as OnePlay better figure out how they are going to fix this issue. I saw their responses to these sort of questions organized well on their site and it was in 2016 that they last commented on it. They said at the moment they did not have an answer for what they were going to do. I think the easy thing would have been to buy Desura and just keep it operational and then start this other system. Anyway whatever they do it is what it is.

Eh now reading more it looks like the last quarter of 2017 they are looking to get things right …


Gross! IGN!

However, I’ve been playing Hellblade recently and the audio is really well done. I’m currently using a pair of M1060 headphones paired with the Aune X1s DAC/Amp and the imagery/detail is insane! You can hear the thunder cracking over your head, you can tell exactly how near or far away each voice is, everything is just well separated and it creates an insanely immersive experience. (Using an ultrawide curved monitor really helps with that too!).

The gameplay is a bit dull but it does provide some really unique experiences that a lot of people should try out!

Edit: I would like to add that the game really is boring and repetitive. I would honestly consider this more of a cool tech demo than something with solid gameplay.


Playing Crysis 2 and 3 made me curious about the original Crysis.
Would not work in Win 10 till I found this:
simple copy and paste in setting and it works.
Cysis 1 has rocket launchers
Cysis 3 has bows and arrows…_nuff said :slight_smile: _


Still playing Half Life 1 and finished the On the Rail chapter. I have to say, I switch between the HD and original models and I find myself favoring most the original models when it comes to guns. I should download the Super Definition mod just to see.


I installed this a few weeks ago again, but hadn’t launched it yet. Decided to give it a shot for a while this morning, and although the game has definitely aged much better than anything else from that era, I had everything cranked to Very High (except for motion blur - I hate that stuff), the textures were pretty bad (up close) by today’s standards. Was getting 90+ FPS on a 1080p 21:9 with my EVGA GTX 1070 FTW for a point of comparison. Pretty much any card should play this game on high these days, which is nice. It’s still pretty for sure.


No matter what game I played Saturday I was even more hopeless than I usually am. I had the wrong setup in Destiny with my weapons and when switching was still ending up getting things wrong and thus not doing the damage I needed in these raids or whatever I was in. I finished on a good note though being first on our last raid.

Next … I had a craving to play …

Tom Clancy's The Division

Now I did play single player for a bit but I kept thinking I was level 30+ and so I would go into certain areas and get destroyed. On top of that though when I finally got in a group event / mission I kept hitting the wrong button to roll or crouch or whatever. It was a shit show. I had fun a little but I said to my son thank goodness he wanted to go to the track because with the way I was playing games today it could likely only get worse. A break from it was good. Now … when I returned home I had wanted to start playing again but I think I am too tired to play anything. I will instead go see what Sterling, Level 1 Techs and Tek Syndicate have up for entertainment and then maybe check The Young Turks and finally look for I am Homicide or some other murder mystery whatever crime show. Anyway last thing about Tom Clancy’s The Division is it looks nice and can be a fun game but it plays different than so many other types of games that it wasn’t a sit down and be able to get things right immediately experience for me. I hadn’t played it in ages. Hopefully I can get to the point where I can jump in and play a game like that better right off the bat in the future. Btw the cover stuff seems similar to Gears of War games which I also struggled with.


Once I found a video right from Steam on how to do the combat properly I enjoyed the game much more for sure … of course. LOL! Also after getting out of the initial area the game began to look more and more graphically appealing. In regards to the dialogue in this game it is interesting at times but I was shocked by the swearing in it. As for characters appearances … Boobs … very nice in this game. Eh one problem with characters though is there are so many that look the same. Anyway I look forward to playing more of this tomorrow and tonight I streamed it on my channel and I doubt that anyone watched but why would they as all I have is a game playing and no interaction. I really got to come up with a comfortable way to do everything I want for streaming soon.


This is my favorite one of the 3 for . . . reasons.

Reason 1 - NYC and the hi-res texture pack with insane amounts tessellation (I just learned that AMD gimped tessellation in C2 because it didn’t work well for their cards). I loved playing a game set in my home town and the game play is very similar to an idea I had for a game.

Reason 2 - Crysis 1, 2 and 3 are too hard for me.
C2 is the only one I could finish by using a God mode cheat.
So ashamed. NOT. It’s my game I’ll do what I want to get further than the second level.

The mod is finally out of beta and up on Steam.

Each server is privately run and can / should be programmed to function how ever you want.
Now that it’s on Steam, there are a lot more players and servers and the servers are better.
The game play is insanity with no rules or missions or policing the jerks that like to spawn kill you.
But that’s Just Cause and I wouldn’t want it any other way.