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What game are you currently playing thread?



OMNI-PLAY BASKETBALL (branded as Magic Johnson’s MVP, Magic Johnson MVP)

I decided to stream games I played as a kid tonight on my Twitch channel and with this one well you start out with a really bad expansion team so no surprise my DeViLzzz are getting rocked but seriously 0 for 30 shooting in the 4th quarter and losing by 60? Btw flaws I have seen with the game … I see no way to call a timeout (might be there but haven’t seen it yet) and also when your shot gets blocked out of bounds many times it says it is a shot clock violation and while this is a terrible mistake it at least from what I have seen only happens when you have next to no time left on the shot clock. Oh and for the record while playing this I am playing my team in coaching only mode.


I really love the first game. Still listening to the soundtrack at times.
Too bad I can’t beat myself to buy a Switch just for the sequel. I am hoping to have some in my surroundings to buy it so I can at least beat the single-player once.

As for myself:
I just finished Nier Automata today. The PC controls need some polish indeed although I could play quite nicely without a controller after 1/3 of the story and continued the rest on hard. It kept me busy for ~60 hours.



Currently playing (Factorio .15) and liking it along with some Fallout 4, and a little of Majicka, and a sprinkle of Terraria, and Dungeon of the Endless.


Can’t wait to play that game but by the time I can afford it, I might end up getting Super Mario Odyssey first. Plus I am trying to lay off the BoTW weed.


Should probably try Witcher III or Skyrim, hope I don’t fall and die thinking I can paraglide…


Witcher III all the way.

Which reminds me I still need to finish the last expansion.



I started playing Banished again after I watched a twitch stream by mistake… Then I trip on my joystick and decided to use it and just installed freelancer…


Playing through Half Life 1 for the first time and so far I’m having fun albeit the game hasn’t age very well. Some controls and movement could be more smoother but I’m talking about a game that is two years younger than me. Speaking of, next year will be the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Might try out Gigantic later.


I just played some …

and after playing it for less than a minute I knew I already played this before. I just don’t know where my saved game for it is. The thing is I may have played it on pc the other time but not sure. Anyway that game looks great on the Xbox 360 graphically and it makes me wonder just how good games could look if every developer pushed their games to the max on it. I wonder what the best a game could look like on the old system.


I think this may be the best COD I have ever played. I had screwed up at first thinking I couldn’t find an online game and even did player searches for games but nothing came of it. It may have been that I was trying with the ranked system but hey anyway eventually I got into games and played this for 2 hours + and I’d play it for more if I didn’t need to come up for air. Eventually one has to put a game down. Also if I put it down and it suddenly goes offline for good on Xbox 360 I can play it using LAN play and I am also glad to hear it was added to games that can be played on Xbox One. Anyway a great game … seriously …

HaPpY GaMiNg everyONE!


Oh man this makes me feel old! I remember playing the deathmatch mode on a LAN party we made up with hacked keys at a computer summer camp (not even kidding). I was 17.

Currently playing The Long Dark as they just released story mode. Very glad to have been an early access buyer and supported this project.


How is the game from your experience? I typically do not keep my eye on early access / games in development until they are or close to launch.


I loved it even as an early release as it was only playable in a sandbox mode. It gave a very good feel for the sort of survival style this game has. There is some crafting, but it’s fairly simple, you’re not building houses or anything ridiculous, there’s no time for that when you have to melt snow and then boil it to make it potable.

I am not very far along in the story yet but hope to delve a bit deeper on Sunday. I’ll try and come back and give a better impression in that regard. It is separated in days with a linear and accelerated timeline so things don’t stagnate. I think it’d be very interesting if they’d introduce a real-time option, but it would make some aspects very tedious.

Even my wife loves the game (she also loved Skyrim, but generally she’s not much of a gamer).

Edit: I should note I’m playing on an ultrawide and I think that helps the experience a ton, and I started replaying Firewatch as well, it’s just spectacular.


Finally fixed the Vampire face bug in Oblivion so i can play my Vampire character. I had a problem with Skyrim and not having enough evil things to do on my evil character. But… Oblivion is actually turning out to be the same. I played the game since it came out, but i’ve never played an evil character till now. And i have to say, it’s a lot like Skyrim.

Dark Brotherhood. Thieve’s Guild. Then what? This sucks, man… I’m disappointed. The DB questline was so good. I wish it was twice as long.

And Source every friday. Just bought me a boxed copy of the Orange Box, finally. I need to play that again. Happy fun time with Gordon Freeman again.

And Valve. Hey, hey Valve! GET TO FUCKING WORK ON HALF LIFE 3. I saw that Cliffhanger in Episode 2 in 2009. And if my future self told me i still wouldn’t be playing Half Life 3 in 2017, i probably would have hanged myself in a bathroom stall with a fucking necktie.


Wait, Valve is still making games?


No my personal opinion is that they I have realized they are making money selling other people’s games. So why spend that money to make a game and deal with the headache and personnel cost involved.


While waiting for my uncle to race at Hanover Raceway tonight I decided to play a game called Blockstorm and was pleasantly surprised by the Minecraft / shooter. It looks great and plays pretty well.


Doom 2016 gave me and a friend an epiphany as to why we weren’t having as much fun in Overwatch.
Gotta go fast…