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What game are you currently playing thread?



I feel like most of the fun of Gwent was traveling around the map, doing quests for new cards, looking for the best cards from each merchant, and finally beating the best players in the game.


Dig Dug using Xbox Game Pass ... fun but hard to play without a joystick


Ok Sunday I tried to get my son to play Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and well because he has next to no patience he didn't take enough time to get out on the streets and thus was frustrated with the game. Anyway after he left and went back to his mom's I stuck with the game as I told him I would save a game for him where he would be all set outside the compound or whatever to go and fight and do what matters and while I did that I continued to play the game and I got two different endings but none of them good. I am at the point now where I can't find the last two parts I need to make the motorcycle go. I have tried new games again and again and no luck. Still though as usual I am having loads of fun with a zombie game and that is why I continued to play it for 5 hours or so and only just quit well because I had to do something else for crying out loud. Anyway a fun game for sure. Btw we both were playing it on Xbox One S (Xbox Live). I think it was a digital purchase for me at some point but I don't remember when.

Also earlier in the evening on Sunday we had some fun and some laughs at the New Jersey Devils expense and laughed about some other things with the game ....


Formula Fusion

This arcade racer nails the FEEL of flying at 400 Kph, millimeters off of the ground.
I just got it so I am not good yet, but the few times I was racing and fighting in the pack (before they left me in the dust) were awesome. I didn't know it dropped on June 1, 2017. It's a really new game and I can't wait to race online. It's an Unreal Engine 4 game. Very fun 9/10.

The menu controls are very touchy. Remapping the Controller layout was a pain.
There are no multiplayer servers yet. Step it up gamers so I can race you!

edit: There is in game pop-ups. A multi-player match is available, press pause to join. Always on server browser, it's neat.

Steam $19.99


I must admit Battlegrounds has been my latest time sink. I'm terrible at it, but it's fun still.


Man those Koroks count for 72% of the game, those little fuckers, making you suffer to find all 900 of them. I just go on Lynel Killing Sprees every Blood Moon in this game, man imagine how far I would have gotten in Witcher 3 if I had put even a quarter of the time I put in Zelda BoTW.


Sounds almost like Fast RMX.


Yeah, I just said "fuck it" and gave up on finding all the Koroks. Even with a guide it's too time consuming.


Playing FF8 right now. Aw dat junction system. God I love it. One of more under rated FF games.


Been playing a LOT of starsector since the last big update.

(not my screenshots)


Just got DeSmume to work on my linux laptop. Been playing some pokemon and having another nostalgia attack. Other than that, just been playing some generic budget PC FPS(CSGO,PD2,Heroes and generals, etc.)


I am actually doing it, I got 750 Korok Seeds already.


You're a braver man than I.


Well, I am finally playing Persona 5 like 2 months of getting it.


I rented Horizon Zero Dawn from Family Video ....

Everything about it I have loved thus far. The graphics, the story, the combat system in that the creatures have certain optimum target spots to hit, the stealth and hell we have a character to control that isn't bad to look at. LOL! Now I only put the game down just now because the controller was dying. I don't believe that my purchase came with an extra controller but I am going to look around. Right away though I went right to charging it on the Nyko charger that came in the bundle I got as man I want to play this some more tonight. : ) What an extremely fun game!


Finally started an evil character on Fallout 3 since the game released. Trying to CONTINUE my evil character in Skyrim... but it seems like there's nothing to do after Dark Brotherhood and Thieve's Guild. This game is 20% evil stuff to do, 40% grey-side stuff and another 40% good guy content.


As of now my primary games are ESO and iRacing... but I've been doing iRacing for several years, think 5? Maybe more... hell, just checked, 7 years as of July 1.


Love that game so much... Still can't pass one particular mission, where some giant bugs attack the station. I just ... loose...


I played this with my son again recently. He absolutely loves it and so do I. It looks amazing graphically. It has some challenging gameplay. Unfortunately finding people to play was made difficult right from the beginning as I guess the matchmaking system for the game didn't work proper. It also wasn't like what you usually see with other games. They really should have simplified it more. Anyway a great game and one that my son and I will always play now quite a bit through the summer as he wants to max out his character and hell so do I. Also when I play it the game feels like WOW without having to play WOW as you have to be aware of what is going on in your environment as so many things are happening. I have never gotten the WOW feeling from games that were not RPGs or MMORPGs other than this one.

Happy gaming every1!


Started playing fractured space again recently. Have to re unlock and buy my ships again. They must have done a reset at some point since I last played. (I think that was the beta)