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What game are you currently playing thread?



Pixel Dungeon. I had remembered that it was a thing a few days ago, and kinda been playing it whenever I get the chance.


Continuing an earlier savegame so I can get all the hidden objects in FFX for an aeon.

I never realized this on the PS2 how much the graphics remind me of an old 2D adventure game, like only the characters and some objects are in 3D but the rest is just a very detailed image with some moving objects (in the screenshot below: the 3 blue lines are waterfalls, the blue sphere is spinning and the blue watertank in the middle has bubbles moving up).

oh, and the moving things that you can't interact with (like waterfalls) are really "poorly" animated, not moving very smoothly.


:S i gave up on FF with X i bought the PS2 collectors tin and hated the battle system . put it down after 8 hrs of play and never picked it back up. the last good FF was 9 and that is even a stretch. i want my classic JRPG battle systems back. when there is a new JRPG that uses turn based actions again i might get interested. until then JRPG is dead as a genre to me. do love me some suikoden though the first one will have a place in my heart for ever.


Hand of fate...


you mean like the early FF games? then maybe Ni No Kuni 2 or South Park? or use emulators for the old ones.
then how's the battle system in FFX not like that? I like it much more than the active time battle system in FFX-2 (which I gave up on after probably 2h).


FFX was that start of movement in combat with semi turn based actions. didnt like it then dont like it now. maybe im just salty and i loved my old RPGS when everything was turn based. i enjoy the visuals of the new stuff just dont like the full movement combat. crono cross had a perfect combat system in my eyes as did legend of dragoon. and many other old PS1 era games that had turn based combat were some of my favorites. guess im just getting old and realize that full controls is not my thing in a RPG


what about turn based JRPGs with movement? like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics/Advance?


Currently playing Subsistence and I just picked up Sword with Sauce for funsies


Got back into Minecraft, first with tekkit and then with Attack Of The B Team. Also getting in to Dirty Bomb but will probably drop it because of the ridiculous amount of grinding. Also replayed Bioshock 1 over the weekend.


I remember these days fondly, having no life and raiding till the late hours of the morning.
Cant do that crap with no pugs now!


Playing beyond good and evil, GOG copy

pretty fun game so far, first time playing it


I cant say I agree there, turn based combat is still the thing for me but the visuals are no for me.
I picked up FF6 on Steam last week thinking its sprites had just have a quick polish up, nope there completely redone and its ruined that for me, back to emulators I go.

Thankfully FFVI/VIII on steam do not have this problem and stay true to their graphics.

Hopefully FFVII remake does not screw with my nostalga as I will likely be getting a PS4 pro for this and hopefully crash bandicoot.


Playing a couple of those million SM64 ROM hacks since I can't have enough SM64. Except I really in for it now with SM64: Chaos Edition where the game is broken and messed up.


Still playing Hand Of Fate.
Abandoned Gwent completely and moved to Hand of Fate. Can't wait for Hand of Fate 2...


I just finished the base game in The Witcher 3. GOG says I've spent 113 hours in it over the past year. It's taken me so long to complete that I've become used to sitting down and playing it when I got the chance, I forgot the thing had to come to an end at some point! I'm not one for in depth analysis but this is probably the best game I've ever played. I don't think I've ever cared so much about the stories I saw unfold, the characters I encountered, and the world I explored.

I'm not sure where to go from here and I'm almost scared to begin the DLC as that would be the final nail in the coffin for this great game!


currently playing one of the best JRPG games that is a hidden gem for PSX or playstation or PS1 Legend of Legaia. ( way to many names for the OG playstation) i am bout 50% complete with my first 100% play attempt. its funny how you can beat the game at lvl 40+ but cant get 100 % untill you hit lvl 99 for one freaking hidden item.


Celeste! its a pico-8 game that I found by watching the trailer for the new version of the game. Heres a link if you want to try it out!:

also, if you're interested here's a link to the new game's home page, and the games devblog


Well the last game I played was rod hockey with my son. : ) It was a very happy NHL Trade Deadline Day.


I'm currently playing again Black Mirror a third-person point-and-click horror adventure game developed in 2003. I had to start all over cause there's a part where you have to shot a lock & only have two bullets and I didn't know I had to save one to defend off a wolf in the next area.


Apparently someone bought me skyrim and skryim special edition. Whats the difference? And if they're substantial which should i play?