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What game are you currently playing thread?



Still FFX and I'm surprised I haven't quit yet. With the last few games I didn't have the concentration to keep playing after 1/2-1 hour and now I'm 35h in with this.


I liked that one in my youth thb, should play again

Want to play the new FF.....


Got it on Steam, it's still on sale (12.49€ here).
The nostalgia hit me pretty hard, I guess that's what's keep me playing....several hours per day....


in the latest version you can create a caravan, which is a group of your citizens/people with gear, animals, food etc that wonder the map, so you can send them to a neighbouring settlement and trade/kill/ set up a new settlement whatever you like really!


After replaying Star Wars KOTOR on my phone, I picked up KOTOR 2 on Steam. Thankfully has a Linux version, so I can play it on my laptop betweeen lectures.


Battleborn. They just had a special going on this past weekend, and the price of the game dropped, so I picked up the digital deluxe on amazon for $10. I really loved the game during the beta weekend, but was holding out for a linux release. I feel personally responsible that the game flopped.


Bit of everything atm.
Trying to get into FF XIV Realm Reborn - Its completely different to wow.
D3 ROS - Levelling my crusader
Oblivion - Because memories
Settlers 4 - When it works

And soon I shall be adding
Fable 2 GOTY - Yes it will be on Xbox one but its a classic.


Started Skyrim V on ps3 a couple of days ago, tis good 👍


I'm currently playing through "Another Metriod 2 Remake" "Bioshock" "Rocket League" and "Quake III".


and still FFX. Steam says ~62h, but it's a bit less, due to idling.
I think only a few bosses left, pretty close to the end. last chance for grinding the shit out of the sphere grid.


well, looks like I just spent $30 how'd that happen


Replaying Final Fantasy 7 ATM and Overwatch


Forza Horizon 3, can't get enough of it. Might actually get a wheel for it.


bleh, I tought that back in the days when I was playing World of Warcraft, 3 months of playtime (2190h) for 1 year was a thing...


yeah, last time I played that much was WoW. glad I don't play it anymore, though. such a timesink....


I'm starting to get really aggravated with Gwent... I think i will just abandon it... I know i am not good player of those CCGs, but man, i am really getting unhappy with that game. Nothing works. No strategy, no nothing. Every match - defeat, defeat, defeat, etc...Unlucky draw, missclick, enemy's lucky draw, bad luck with the cards, bad luck, RNG RNG... ....


~82h into FFX. finally got access to the airship and can stroll around on the map again. forgot one hidden item at a temple and to get it I need baller stats....oh well....I'm grinding anyway.


Yea, that can be a bitch, I made extra sure I got all of the hidden chest on my last playthough, funny thing was my brother played it on the PS3 before me, got 80 hours into the game and found out he missed a chest, so started again and played for another maybe 60-70 hours to get to the same point with all the chests because he's a crazy person.


funny you mention that. I was actually considering doing that. back when I would've only lost ~10h of progress it would've made sense but now....and now I can't beat the black Shiva.

but this is linked to another problem: now I can't get Lulu's solaris weapon because there's no save sphere unless you go into the chamber of the faith, so there's no way of getting back to the airship from there :/

edit: you're pretty much fucked if you want any real progress before you have to beat the dark aeons.

spoiler: without the hidden item from Macalania temple I can't get Anima, thus I can't progress in beating Belgmene's aeons and get Yuna's moon sigil, furthermore: by not getting to Anima I can't can reach the save sphere in Temple Baaj, thus I can't get Lulu's solaris weapon

might as well throw ~50h of progress away and continue with my save of Macalania temple..... and another weekend's gonna be "wasted" -_-


Hearts of Iron 4. It's a giant time sink, but it's a brilliant time sink.