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What game are you currently playing thread?



First time I finished the game I didn't go for 100% for that reason, Dark summons would to one hit me but on the PS3 I was quite powerful but the grind is immense, my brother got much further than me into the grind though.

FFXIII on PC is exactly the same, its a little bit annoying at times.

I just bought it so I'll check later, I'm on Linux right now and can't install it yet.

They do that with pretty much all the re-released games FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, etc all have these "features" I just ignore them.


I wanna finish it at least once.
First time I quit at the 1vs2 fight with Kimahri (didn't level him at all, grinding was a royal pain in the ass). Second time I quit on the air ship (too weak, no way of leveling up on there). Third time was at the first boss in the ruins of Zanarkand (just looked it up, not the other boss). Could take a few hits, then I died. (and then also my PS2 died along with the disc)

If I happen to find myself in such a situation again I might use a few cheats, just for the sake of getting to the end.


The trick to FFX is to level everyone equally as enemies are weak against certain characters and since you can switch them in battle easily it just makes sense, that is until end game, from there the min/max party is Riku, Wakka, and Tidus as their limits are the best and at this point every character can learn everything from the grid anyway.


This thread is not under the video game section you know. And no I am not winning.


Does the advanced sphero grid have any advantages?


It lets each character start in the middle of the grid so Yuna could go down Rikus grid or w/e but for min/maxing the expert grid isn't good because it has 40 less empty nodes which you'll need to get 255 in every stat. When I played I just used the normal one.


I have to admit, though, when I played I never paid much attention to stats. Which was most likely the problem.


Me neither, I was 12 the first time I played it on PS2 and only got this much into it for the PS3 version which was only a couple of years ago. Its interesting playing the game now and looking back at how bad I was at it.


When I think back the game seems to go on for an eternity. All those different settings, desert, ice, underwater, cities, tropical islands, airship, jungle-ish forrest, thundery lowlands, etc. Might be my brain playing tricks on me and it wasn't really as long as I remember it.


Your mind isn't playing tricks, it is a long game.


This time around it probably won't seem that long, since I already know most of it :(


It took me around 120 hours to finish the game on PS2 and my current playthrough on the PS3 is 96 hours but I've done some grinding and other stuff, could totally finish the game in couple of minutes on this save, characters are so powerful the last boss is soo ez. I take my time with RPGs though so you could probably do it much faster than that.



Playing Arma 3 and hopefully soon with a bunch of friends as soon as one of our members upgrades his current PC.
Otherwise mainly The Siege and Dota 2 at other times.


Still FFX, currently 18 1/2h in (likely only 15-16h, was idle a bit). First real grinding session before a boss fight and the spheres I need won't drop -_-


I'm at work currently and all I have is my smartphone. For the last couple days I am playing this game. It's really fun, no matter it's just tapping. Try it out if you are into casual games.


Hey, new to the forum and just thought I'd chip in.

I'm playing Medieval 2, Total War (which I got a couple weeks ago along with Rome Total War); Skyrim SE a little; trying to finish DS3; and I'm about to restart Dragon Age Origins.


So you basically do not sleep, eat, poo or whatever else...
I see...
I had a horrible time in Gwent yesterday, but as soon as I get home I'll rework my deck and try again. Think this time I can make the hoarder deck work properly...


Currently Viscera Cleanup Simulator.

If anyone wants to clean with me, shoot me a P.N.


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