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What game are you currently playing thread?



nope. Minecraft is still a great game


Arma3, on a server running Liberation or Exile. Been using Arma 3 for 2000+ hours now, quite the bang for buck. :P


Minecraft, Starcraft 2, Smite, and DBD


Go to Telecom training, or play For Honor all day......decisions, decisions. Being an adult is hard, I need an easy mode.


D&D 5e, dwarf wizard


The Witcher 3 (I know I know, I need to finish it..) Fallout 4, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. here and there, and a new free game that looks interesting called Soda Dungeon. Actually about to launch it now, got two days off, energy drinks, and zero fucks given about the outside world.


I have a tekkit classic dedotated serrrvew running right now.


Yakuza (PS2)
White Knight Chronicles (it's okay so far)
Dark Souls (praise be to DSFix)


Well, if it's more than one game, besides Arma3 there are :

DCS World (mainly P-51)

Panzer General 2 (Adler Korp Edition)

Project CARS

Space Pirate Trainer on the Vive.


Dirt 3 recently... Infection Mode. It's good fun if you've got a few buddies to play.


Tried Portal...
Hated it...
I need some gameplay for a video, but man i hate the game so much...
Hate Portal 2 even more...
Need to play some Dark Souls to punish myself...



You will be happy to find out i hate Bioshock as well...
I also find Half Life boring. 2 especially. 1 was OK... A bit more varied. 2 on the other hand - I was almost paralyzed with boredom...
I will say this:
In my game design youtube series i gave Bioshock a gold star, and in the next episode (spoiler alert if anyone gives a sh!t) I will give Portal 1 a gold star. No matter my personal hatred towards the game i fully understand how good they actually are.


I love rimworld, but it needs to be more complete, I'd love it if you could attack neighboring tribes and factions. Maybe then I'd actually buy it.


I've seen you talk about your game design series on a few other threads as well and I finally decided to check it out. I just finished watching the first episode and it was great, if I can give you one pointer it would be to turn up the volume of your voice over or turn down the volume of the games intros when you talk. During the Dark Souls portion it was a bit difficult to hear your voice over the intro, but its at a perfect volume without the game intros playing. Besides that its great so far and I'll look forward to watching more of the series.


Thank you...
Well, i will do my best. I am having issues with the audio equipment since i started the youtube thing.

Yes, saturating the market works XD
Anyways, i really enjoy Gwent. Really nicely made. Haven't had any issues so far. Could still be some beta keys free...


Just started FFX (remastered on Steam) for the first time in years (probably 11-12y). The title melody had me immediately.

Hnng....only a few minutes in and the nostalgia is hitting me hard. Sooooo goooood.
Can't wait until I get to the laughing scene....cringing


Ha ha ha ha ha


I need to buy this on Steam, I also bought the PS3 version when that was released but I pretty much got to the end and started grinding (was going for 100%) but got board, it'll likely be much better on Steam and can hopefully run it at 4K, I also never got the chance to play FFX-2 on the PS3 and I never actually finished it on the PS2 either.


Have it twice for the PS2 (my old, fat PS2 had a disc drive issue where it would grind a circle into the disc to the point where it wasn't the end it took the disc with it when it crapped the bed). Had X-2 too, but the active time battle system turned me off.

Played FFX until the battle against Yunalesca I think, it's been a few years since then. A friend of mine from highschool attempted to 100% it but at that time it was impossible without the guide imo.

Wanted to buy it for the PS3 too, but not that Steam has it on sale (12,49€) I couldn't resist.
It's a bit weird, though. At the first startup I thought it was broken (clicking on "Final Fantasy X" in the launcher). White screen and when I clicked anywhere on it it would crash. Turns out it just took very long (~30sec) to load.
To quit you need to press Esc on the keyboard, there's no button for that on the controller.

It looks nice, The options menu isn't bad either. Not sure if the resolution goes higher but I think for me it's limited to 1080p (might detect the max res of your monitor).

Oh, and the game even lets you cheat (max GIL, full energy, all abilities, etc) from within the options menu.