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What game are you currently playing thread?



I mostly play LoL but when I'm not playing that its usually CS:GO. Lately though the minecrap addiction has come back in the form of Tekkit Classic.


Tried to get it set up last night, was failure...poor Linux scrub I is

Couldnt get the BIOS in place and I couldn't get the CD drivers I guess as I did not have the options I was supposed to have it looked like.... Just gave up lol


I didn't account for that. I'm using it on Win8.1. The only problems I've had so far were due to bug-ridden frontends for PCXS2.


Ya the videos I found make it look so easy, and the launcher kinda looks different on mine, I'll take a crack at it again this weekend if I have time



I've been playing a bunch of Rainbow 6 Siege like always, its kind of fun on the free weekend because you get to play less seriously with the influx of new players. Besides that some KSP, Guns Of Icarus, and Im going to start Metro 2033.


Still playing Dank Swole, Plan on picking up for honor if they ever come out with a uplay-free version.


I am 8% into Dying Light on Xbox One. A fabulous game of zombies and parkour. In this game the crafting truly does matter and nicely with it you can only repair items so many times. Now while it might not be totally accurate in terms of how long items last I like the idea of having to think about what you are doing in terms of combat as going around bashing zombies with your strongest weapon might not be the best idea. Also with the parkour it gives you the option of avoiding zombies entirely at times which adds more realism in my opinion. One should not just go through this expecting to bash every zombies head in and not eventually attract way too many and be overwhelmed. Oh and when you get overwhelmed and a zombie is right on top of you I do like the quick smash your one button to escape death. Some people don't like this sort of things in games but to me it adds a change in what you are doing / gameplay so I am ok with it. As for MPer / COOP I haven't tried it yet and really didn't want to add anyone to my game for fear of them just taking over and playing the game basically for me leading me along like a puppy dog. Now yes I really do want to play games I have in MPer / COOP but I think with this being a newer title on a new console I have more than enough time to do this than say with games on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Anyway a really good game and a definite must play for zombie enthusiasts.


I've actually just finished this game for the second time recently on PC with my brother in co-op, first time I finished the game was on PS4, its a really great game that just keeps getting better the further you progress in my opinion, I'm currently 90% of the way through the story on the following DLC right now but still have a couple of side quests left to finish. Also the game plays pretty well on both PC/Console and controls are great, only issue I have with the console versions is that its much harder to use firearms and I honestly hardly used them on console but on PC I use them pretty much all the time. Makes for an interesting playthough on console though, the game can be much harder at times because you don't have the same level of control with firearms but that isn't necessarily a bad thing because it adds to the experience, plus the game is heavily melee oriented anyway and doesn't expect you to use guns (at least not until late game/the following DLC)


does using the inventory/crafting/looking at skills whatever not pause the game like on the pc? or when you try to lock pick stuff etc.

is so gud when you get randomly bashed trying to loot a thing


Just getting started doing my first playthrough of Left For Dead 2


Still need to play both 1 and 2 lol

Games look fun, mods are crazy


only have 2.


Finally getting to Ico on PS3. Going to do Shadow of the Colossus after that (yes the HD remastered editions). All the while I've been enjoy Owlboy on steam.


I think when you are looting it is not paused but yes you can pause the game.


well on pc you have to go back to actual menu like to change settings or whatever, other than while its loading something maybe or some stuff like that..

mean you cant do the fallout thing where you just stop open inventory and scroll down to health items and stuff and figure out what you wanna do


CS:GO as always. ;) Currently trying to get back into Dota 2 and playing Skyrim here and there.


Left 4 Dead 2 actually contains the campaign from the first game but with the improvement from L4D2, L4D used to be my shit back in the day, It was the first game I ever bought on Steam back in 2008 and we used to play massive versus survival games with a full lobby and it is was soo much fun. Especially as the hunters as you'd ambush players and rip them to shreds.


Vanilla System Shock 2. Ugly models, choppy animations, low resolution textures and still immersive and terrifying. Dat game design.


Minecraft and modded mincraft
I think I'm the only over 12 who still plays it