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What game are you currently playing thread?



I just played this tonight for an hour and 15 minutes and would have played more but have to get to other things.

Amazing game! An on the rails shooter with adult themes. Yes like the people that like their anime I have to admit I liked the strippers and more I saw in this game even if they are not real. LOL! The game is comical having some really well done cut scenes. It has stat tracking, items to collect/goals and different levels of difficulty so it has replay value. I got this for $5 or so in a Steam sale I think. At it's current price of $13.99 I would still recommend it.


It looked good, never got around to playing it


I am playing some stupid Facebook pool game that doesn't give you proper time for shots. Lucky I am getting smashed so it makes it more tolerable. Oh and listening to whatever shit I put on ... like this ..

I wish I had an easy to hook up mic for PC so I could stream on Twitch and play PC games but I might go on console and play drunk as fuck on the mic there.


been playing some portal 2 again.
Been great fun playing with some of the forum members here. ok 1 but you get my point


The Way and Valley are currently top of my list. Might check out 7 Days to Die when the next patch comes out, having played it off and on for years now.

Currently waiting for Planet Nomads to drop.


dark cloud 1&2 first time touching it since high school and im in love all over again. current playtime in 2 days 14hrs.


What is your play style?


100% as best as i can with super power lvling :D i hate being under powered. i also lvl everyone up about equally.


I apparently went crazy earlier this weekend and began playing RUST. (having followed some of PGP's streaming) After two evenings of getting thrashed by ninja bears I wrote off the game as broken by design.

But then for some reason I tried a modded server with some kind of skill leveling system and that certainly helped. In practice it speeds up the grind for basic resources considerably. Time that can be spent on other things, like looking out for bears...

For some reason other players have been nicer than I had expected. Maybe it's the servers and my avoiding any with names like Battle Royale, but perhaps many seasoned players have already had their fill of random carnage.

If I build a quick shelter or other outlier building, I put up a sign that proclaim it to be open to anyone, knowing that it may rarely return to it anyhow. Not too much of vandalism so far...

But I'll never play on a vanilla RUST server again, that's for sure.

Edit: Apparently there's a key code lock hacking script out there that people use. I'm done for now with the game in any fashion.


I still need to play, you playing emulated or on disk on og hardware?

Mainly asking if it works on PCsx2?

Think I'll try it, have a ps2 but would rather to play it with a little better resolution.


I am freaking addicted to this game. Far more punishing than the remakes


Playing Terror from the Deep at the moment.


works emulated. i have disk but run on PC as i gave up the hardware to lil bro.


I ended up streaming last night despite being smashed and played Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse. It was a good time and I got to the choppa twice so it wasn't me failing at gaming. : )


Found myself in the same situation a few days ago but with the difference that my PS2 Slim suddenly refuses to recognize discs :/

I'm still new to emulating PS2 games. Are you running them with default settings or do you spice up the graphics in some sort?

Dragon Quest 8 on PC. Looks nicer than on PS2.


Great game, chill soundtrack. Free.


I may need to setup a PS2 emulator on my PC, I have a few PS2 games I want to play that were not available in PAL regions, I actually have the discs but could never get them working with an emulator on my old PC.


i turn up the AA and i leave rest near bone stock. never know when a game is going to crash from tweeks. chrono cross is good example second disk does not like AA turned up.


You need the right BIOS (Jap, PAL, NTSC), while getting thsoe requires just a google search, no emulator dev will provide a link, since this is the part the component that will get them shut down probably.


Yea I know, I had an NTSC BIOS but the game would constantly crash for whatever reason, hopefully I'll have better luck getting it to work this time.