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What game are you currently playing thread?



I've been playing Tomb Raider, and some Tales Of Berseria.

First time I've dropped 50 bucks on a game at launch for a long time. I like how nice the PC port of Berseria is. Not super demanding so i run it at 4k super sampled to my 1080p screen. runs great. Story is pretty good so far. I'm not too hard to please.


I streamed BIT.TRIP RUNNER and the games under memory from on my Twitch channel. I first streamed the memory related stuff just because I thought it would be nice to share games from a site that are helping me and if one person saw the stream and went to the website and it benefited them well that is awesome. As for BIT.TRIP RUNNER I actually got further on the current level I am stuck on but I ended up not playing the game as long as I intended as this crappy Klear Keys XL keyboard hooked to my son's pc was once again giving me troubles when pressing the space bar. I could remap jump to something else I think but with most games I prefer to use space bar. Anyway ..


Spent about half an hour playing Terraria w/ the Steam controller last night. I think it could work well for that game, but my right thumb sure was hurting by the end of the half hour...


maybe it's funny but still plaing cat mario) and other small flash games like this godzilla games mostly when I'm bored.


Nothing. I'm currently playing nothing. More than enough games on my PC (Steam, GoG, Discs), Some console games left (XBox, X360, PS2, PS3), some for handhelds (GBA SP, PSP). Even bought a new GPU recently. And I am, playing nothing....


I was looking for people to play it with earlier but hey in the future if anyone wants to coop let me know and I will add you to my friends list for this specific game.


GTA 3:

Annoyingly if you play it at 60fps it will kill you. Have to lock it to 30. Engine physics are tied to framerate so 60 will make you randomly jump and take a lot of damage when crossing teriain types/textures.

@CrossCarbon What's Grip like? Been interested for a while.


How has no one noticed this? It became clear very fast with Dead Souls (2?) on PC when the durability of the items wore down twice as fast as on consoles.


The framerate engine speed thing? I know a few games that do this. The worst offender is Saints Row 2 where engine speed was tied to CPU speed. It expects 3.2ghs because xbox360. So if your CPU is faster or slower than this the games speeds up radically, causesvall sorts of crazy bugs. Terrible port, many more bugs too.


Bye bye productive night


Good lord your neck must be broken!


Playing this game. It's the best.


Naw leaned back, neck neutral


Game was glitching, so time to play with tops... Welp that game was meh....( great intro song)..time for old faithful


How do I put this best? Controls are fairly easy, WASD, Shift, Crtl is all you need. Controller support is there, I find it harder to drive with a controller instead of a keyboard.
Currently, there are four cars, each reasonably unique. Colors are customizeable to an extend (depending on which car).
While racing, there are powerups. The ones you would expect, two types of missle, mine, boost. Additionally there is a shield, an EMP-ish thing and a mashine gun. It is a combat racer after all.
Regarding the racetracks, I would advise you to watch a few videos.
Ingame music is drum&bass, it is however possible to put in your own music.
Performance wise, GRIP runs on potato to high end system. Just need to choose the appropriate settings.


Wow, what a terrible port.


Still chuggin along in DS3, such a great looking game....


A little bit of Arma 2 - 3, in a let's be tactical mood.


Spyro was my childhood! Love those games!


Mine too