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What game are you currently playing thread?



True but in spite of all that i was still drawn in.

I honestly like the alchemy in 1 better too


Only after it got moved to the right section :P

I still don't understand how there wasn't one for so long.


Apr 1 is coming =P


So is May 4th. What's your point?


Absolutely. The story is what keeps me coming back (in small sessions, but still).


Keeping my name in mind it should be no surprise there is no story in any videogame ever that I can honestly say "that is great story". At all. Could be just me though...


I'm playing daggerfall currently. Never got to play it as a kid, so here I am.


I mainly find it interesting because I have a soft spot for investigation and piecing together the parts of a crimes.


So you love LA noir and the Condemned games?


LA Noire is in my Steam library, haven't gotten around playing it yet. But that's the case with most of those games. Can't find the concentration to play them and not get distracted by other stuff.

Condemned not so much, first person games are off my list due to motion sickness.


that's a very narrow view of games as a medium. I agree in the context of triple A titles, because spending the same amount as a blockbuster film does to create what is essentially a shitty b movie is retarded. However, There is definitely value in games that tell a story if implemented properly. It can be a prime consideration over gameplay or atmosphere and still be a good tame. take any decent cRPG as example.

in the case of Ass creed, the story is so bad that getting invested in it actively makes the game worse, so it makes sense to go with the one that has the best gameplay and ignore the rest.


Recommended System Requirements:

  • 486DX2/50 MHz IBM PC or compatible running DOS 5.0+
  • 8MB RAM
  • 512-540kb Base Memory (Not yet determined)
  • 2x CD-ROM Drive
  • 30MB of Hard Drive Space (Minimum)
  • VLB of PCI VGA graphics card
  • Supports: Aria, Ensoniq, Roland, SoundBlaster, and UltraSound. Bethesda uses the HMI sounds drivers.
  • Joystick or Microsoft compatible mouse.
  • Mousepad the size of Rhode Island


I want to make the clear distinction between story and lore.
For example:
Dark Souls. Full of lore. The story is - you are a lone cursed undead, who rang 2 bells and killed all the Gods. That is the story. The lore on the other hand is amazing.
Lore is something I appreciate. But the story is a different thing.

Actually it's not. Gameplay is the one thing only games can offer, that no other medium can. Story I can read in books, comics, listen to or watch on the big or small screen.
Gameplay - only in games.


OK den.


How do you quote things, I haven't said?
Anyways, I am still waiting for a game, that will have so good story, that it will blow my mind and will make me appreciate it more than I do now.


Its one linear paraphrase and 2 direct quotes.


I'm using DOSbox. It's still a great game.


I agree. Plus, When I'm done playing late into the night, my mousepad can double as blackout curtains and a comforter so I can sleep despite the dawn.


I just use my curtains for my mousepad when playing.


Damnit, why didn't I think of that?