What game are you currently playing thread?

A bit similar

You can play quick games. People just forget about the setting :joy:

Sadly literally every game designed after 2016. Everyone went with that model :confused:

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Now you have peaked my interest.

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Just move the sliders over 50-100 years

Increase ai aggressiveness.
Increase human start bonuses and advance start
Increase difficulty
Increase multipliers of mid and end game crises
Play on ring galaxy
Play on medium size or lower

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picked up Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts in the steam sale after watching Tex play it for a while on youtube. Feels a good bit different to play so far than it did to watch.

Takes screenshot

Did you say “buy on Steam”? Not that it matters much - you would probably once again play at 4 AM my time. I could do it last time, now I took fatherhood in the knee.


Caved and bought The Last of Us Part I on PC because I was craving it even though I beat it on both PS3 and PS4. Those consoles have been retired for at least 5 years. Only had them for exclusives, which most of the time weren’t worth the cost, but Naughty Dog makes good shit. I would love for them to bring the first 3 Uncharted games to PC.

Also started trying to play through the Halo Series via Master Chief Collection… and I still don’t understand why it’s so loved.

Last game that I actually really enjoyed playing instead of just going through the motions in modern times aside from the aforementioned… Cyberpunk 2077, after major fixes. It was gifted to me, but I didn’t actually play it until late 2022.

Games as a service and games with constant, decade long updates shouldn’t even be considered complete or even recommended to anyone to play as far as I’m concerned (looking at you, 7 Days to Die and Terraria). Alphas are NOT full releases. In this day and age “1.0” is NOT the final version sans bug fixes, and that ROYALLY pisses me the fuck off, because they’re charging MONEY for this shit. Remember when Beta Testers existed and THEY got paid for it instead of HAVING TO PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES?!

Indie developers do it all the time, too. It’s the new norm and it’s a BAD norm.

I’ve made it a little bit of the way through Crow Country, and it’s enjoyable.

Yeah its on sale on steam

Decent sale. Get the DLC its enjoyable.

As for timing. Id like to make it worth our while to see if others are willing to join. But I can do 1v1 games too with advanced start AI. Its a bitch and a half and usually requires the two human players to work together

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I feel you bro. I cant even homelab properly anymore… :joy::sob:

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