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What game are you currently playing thread?



Put in over 1000 hours into gw2 after it launched just ran out of things to do.... Now I'm playing factorio, 7d2d, paragon, and trying to get into Witcher 3.


Uh, R U M E


I'm almost done with Dishonored 1, I'm at the last level. I finishing it so I can listen to Noah Caldwell-Gervais' critique of the game. I have this game spruced up with Reshade 3.0 and looking nice.


Currently shitting myself through RE7.

It was the first hour that was the worst, the fact the music was making it eerie and yet nothing happening, you're on a knife edge waiting for something to actually happen.


First playthrough. Just beat the Taurus Demon in Undead Burg and almost got burned alive on the bridge by that dragon. Difficult, yes but it's fair enough (at least when it comes to normal enemies).

Also, still on the Metal Gear kick. Played this years ago as my first MGS game (bad choice, didn't know better) but played through the rest of the games a good while after (finished Phantom Pain a week ago). I understand the chronology and story of the universe now so playing through this again.




'grumpy old man noises, nanomachines.'


CS:GO, and starting Assassin's Creed for the first time.


do yourself a favor and skip to 2, it's the only good one in the series. Trust me, the plot is meaningless, it's worth the skip


I enjoyed 1 way more than 2.


one was OK, but it just wasn't quite there yet imo, and AC3 is definitely the start of the downslide. Since it's such a "played em once, played em all" type of title, I tend to recommend 2 over the others.


i hated the plot of the games after i went from 1 to 2.

That apple thing we were after in AC1? Forget it


Spoiler: the plot in all of them is meaningless gobeldegook. You play ac for the gameplay, and imo AC2 had the best gameplay.


Still plugging away at Dark Souls 1, Manus keeps one shotting me with the abyss magic but im getting there.

A little bit of Witcher 3, trying not to get sucked in just yet.


I really recommend playing the first 2 games in the trilogy., or reading the books prior to jumping straight into 3


Already played one and two, considering the books but im too lazy.

Despite the gameplay in 1 i really liked it.

Also im weird about series, have to complete one before moving on.


I'm sorry, but I have a serious issue with that statement of yours:

Gameplay is everything. Lacking gameplay what do you have? Struggling through a movie because of some buttons you need to press for the next scene to show up...
No. If gameplay is crap the game is crap.
Incidentally I have not played any Witcher game aside from 3...


Nah the story in witcher 1 is great and the choices feel more like your own rather than a or b.

I wouldn't say the gameplay was crap just awkward and took getting used to.


Only reason why I still bother playing it. The gameplay is kinda boring, the inventory could be better and the questlog is sometimes outright useless.


@TheDiddilyHorror thread active enough for yeah? =P