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What game are you currently playing thread?



Starting Bioshock 1 tomorrow... Played it before, hate the game, but I need it as an example of excellent game design... Guess what part... Meanwhile I started Hand Of Fate again and got drown back into it... I adore Hand Of Fate.


Chapter 5. Haven't played in awhile since I got CSGO.


I played the game on my brother's ps4 which is in Colorado and I live in Georgia so I didn't have much time to play. I got to Chapter 2 and completed the dungeon to acquire the second royal arm. I like what I was playing but I don't feel like buying it for my PS4 when I can wait for a PC version and/or when they finish updating the game.

Current games I am now playing are Duke Nukem 3D and Warframe. I would play some Aragami but the optical drive on my PS4 will not accept disk inexplicable and running out of options for self repair save actually extracting the drive to repair it myself.


Forgot, in between Civ 5 games I play Ravenfield.

All it needs is multiplayer capability.




BDO Screenshots Level1


Just a bit of this classic:

Legit my all-time favourite game, the music, the cell shading, the concept, everything just lines up!


Lots of Arma 3 with friends, we got a nice dedicated server so we get a lovely experience online (Anyone is welcome from here btw, just PM) , and a little bit of GTA online still, again with a bunch of friends.


I've had Dark Souls 3 since launch, and have been stuck at the Lothric Tower since launch lol (and I am STILL stuck in the beginning areas of DS 1&2). But I finally started giving it my all and the game's grip on me is like a curse. I cant stop lol. Total of 5 hours since launch but 20 in the past week since picking it up again. This is madness...


I really wish they'd port Jet Set Radio Future to steam too.




Oh yeah... Battle finally clicked, huh? I would say play the first game first. It's the best, but it's also the simplest when it comes to battles. 2 and 3 are way faster and less... Well, less tight... And 3 is full of detailed environmental and visual gibberish that it's distracting almost...


Yh, have to get an original xbox to play that :P


That game was magical.... have good mental associations with I and II. I am not impressed with the latest one.


Gog versions are still going Strong, mods keep coming out for 2

The new one Meh for sure, why play it when galactic warfare mod for cod4 is still a better shooter lol hell Troopers: Dawn of Destiny has more to it than the new one.

(New one is pretty however)


Titanfall 2 campaign. and a little sw battlefront (the new one) when there's time. I agree, it gets old after a while, but I rarely have time to play, so that's just A-O-K for me. Titanfall 2, however, has been exceptional thus far.


I got a Great Machete, upgraded it, and started clobbering the shit out of everything lol.


Oh, everyone have it's style. I love me some halberd murder spree...
Once you actually get what the hell is going on, then the game is a grand ol time. All the stats and stuff are confusing, but once you wrap your head around them - bam... It's all timing... Dodging at the precise moment and poking the boss in the lower back area if it have one, i mean jesus freaking christ...


Returning to Warframe by stating anew on PC (300hrs+ PS4 Vet). So far, loving using the KB/M to play the game and solo the star chart. Just need some dmg mods and I will be happy.


Guild Wars 2, Dank souls, factorio, and like 12 different figthing games