What Forum software is this (Tek Syndicate forum)

So, I remember them saying the name of it before but I can't find the video nor can I find anything on it. My question is what is this software I'd love to use it for my upcoming website cause I'd like to have a forum also, I'd most likely need help embedding the forum unless its like normal copy paste this embed code done. Or unless someone links the website to the software and the website has a great guide or I find one myself! Please help!! thank you in advance.

Discourse is what you are looking for.

Yes Discourse it is. ☺

Yoloswaggerratchettwerk 9000. aka Discourse.

Lol we should run a petition to rename it that

Thanks, so a quick question how hard was it to integrate into a website, would drupel be my best bet? I have the website its all written in HTML,CSS (Duh) but drupel uses ruby which im not that big of a stranger too.. I've been having lots of noob moments lately when it comes to website related things... its not really my forte. Heeeeelppp!!! XD

Thanks for the quick responses you guys are awesome!