What Flavor of Linux Mint is best for Noobs?

Hello Logan and the rest of the Tek Team,

I have a few questions before my Head officially EXPLODES!

Based on what was advised to me in the forums, and the video reviews I've seen, I decided to settle in on Linux Mint.

However there seems to be 3 or 4 different flavors of Mint. Which one is the MOST Newbie friendly version.


2. Cinnamon

3. KDE

4. Xfce

 Please guys help me, because I think I'm about to shoot blood out of my nose here in a few!


- Kaos

I'd say KDE is the most noob friendly

kde is very easy to use, it also looks the same no matter what distro is running beneath the surface (i used to use it with ubuntu)

though i'd go with cinnimon for the classic mint experience

I find it hilarious that Mint 15 Cinnimon was the only Linux disto I've tried to install so far that hasn't had driver errors on install. I also have the option of grabbing the Broadcom drivers for my Wireless AC card straight from the settings menu instead of having to search for it.

I have to install an old linksys PCI wireless-g card to be able to connect to the internet though to get those broadcom drivers. It's inconvenient for me to have to unplug everything from this damn PC and lug it downstairs to connect it to the wall with an ethernet cable.