What fan to replace SP120?

Alright so literally 2 mins ago my Corsair SP120 HP just started making a rattle noise and it is already driving me nuts. So, is there an effective way to fix this? Should I just buy a new fan? please discuss.

IF you recommend me a new fan I need to be "quiet", 120mm, and be able to move a decent amount of air through my h80i. Also I couldn't give two shits less what it looks like because I wont even see it after I install it. 

Edit: also all fans are controlled with a NZXT sentry mix 2

I think the general recommendations on this forum will either be the EK Vardar or some flavour of Noctua.

I know the Gentle Typhoons were king of the hill for quite a while and the Vardars are based off them.

At the same time people recommend Noctua pretty much religiously.

switching from sp to noctua is nothing but a sidestep, so for the sake of upgrade it's bleh but the quality is great and you'll get similar performance. I'd have to go with Gentle Typhoons or Phoybia noise blockers.

I'm torn between these 



I am too I don't know which to choose for my next build. the Noise Blockers look better and in my opinion have a better sound signature but is slightly louder than the Gentle Typhoon. But the Gentle Typhoon performs slightly better but I find the sound signature a bit annoying even though it's really quiet.

FrozenCPU has them cheaper than Amazon.

Noiseblocker eLoop

EK Vardar (pretty much the same thing as the Gentle Typhoons)

I'd go for the Vardars simply because they are quite a bit cheaper than the Noiseblockers.

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