What drivers for video card?

Ok, I tried searching through the forums and after some scrounging around it appears to me that the best choice for drivers for me (I have a r9 290) would be to go with the open source AMD drivers. However, I looked on the arch wiki and it said: "In case you need to use a driver for newer AMD cards, you should consider the proprietary catalyst driver." Will the open source driver work? I'm fairly certain it will, I just want to make sure as the last time I really messed with Arch I didn't have to worry about video cards, etc. (really cheap laptop)

It depends. I am not an AMD user, so I don't know how the AMD driver performs. I do know that on NVIDIA, the open-source drivers are fine for desktop compositing and most other things, but for gaming, you should always use the proprietary driver. I would imagine the same applies to AMD cards.

i get better perfomance from the amd drivers.

just be wary of a update that broke mine.

Ok, now I'm hearing that the catalyst drivers are better to use, instead of the open source? I thought that the open source driver had almost caught up to/surpassed the catalyst drivers in recent weeks.