What download manager do you use on linux?

On windows I have used IDM and EagleGet and EagleGEt was the best download manager I have ever used. Simply awesome. But unfortunately it is not available for linux. I want to to know what download manager the tek community uses on their linux and how good are they?

What do you use it for?

I use my package manager, or qbittorrent. Ive never downloaded anything that needed a separate download manager out of those two.

Usually I download bulk media files from a local server of my isp

I must admit I have not used a download manager for many years. Once essential in the days before broadband when dial-up was unreliable and resuming was important. Useful again in the early days of broadband when servers would limit bandwidth per user and DLM would split downloads across multiple connections. These days I have found little use for them as host servers no longer limit bandwidth per user.

Is what you are after an ftp client? I guess I would use Filezilla. I have just checked and it's available in the software centre.

Oh, I also use wget

KDE also has kget which is a more traditional download manager.

Uhm... I use wget.. its the Swiss army knife of downloading ^^ but well its command line, which scares a lot