What does your toolkit consist of?

Here is mine: 

  • Box Cutter

  • Sharpies

    • 2 Black

    • 1 Blue

  • Swiss Army Knife

  • Utility Knife

  • Red Handle Flat Head/Philips Type 3

  • Yellow Handle Ratchet Screw Driver

  • Solder Sucker

  • Misc Allen Keys

  • Assortment Screw Bits

  • Analog Voltage Meter

  • Dremel

  • Soldering Iron

  • Dremel Accessory Kit

  • USB Adapter Set

  • Small Blue Screw Driver

    • Assortment of Torx, Flathead, philips and Awl bits

  • Basic Power Supply Tester

  • Network Cable Tester

  • Black Precision Philips head screw driver

  • Ipod 2nd Gen Digitizer Removal Tool

  • Short Green Handle Philips Type 2 Screw Driver

  • Assorted Screw Drivers

  • 5 Grams of Thermal Compound

  • Misc assortment of screws

  • Solder Wire

  • 12 Volt Black & Decker Drill

  • Clear Handle Torx Screw Driver

  • Clear Blue Philips Type 1 Screw driver

  • Adjustable Wrench

  • Black and Yellow Handle Flat Head Screw Driver

  • Red Handle Type 2 Philips Head Screw Driver

  • Scissors

  • Sunpro CP7678 Multimeter

  • Socket Drivers

    • 7.0x75 MM

    • 6.0x75mm

    • 4.0x75mm

  • 2 Wire Strippers

  • Torx Screw Drivers

    • 1.5x75mm

    • 2.5x75mm

    • 2.0x75mm

  • Double End Screw Driver(Pen Style)

  • Stanley 6 Inch Wire Cutters

  • Trendnet TC-CT68 Network Cable Crimping Tool

  • Trendnet TK-200 KVM Switch

  • 2 USB to PS/2 Adapters

  • Small Keychain LED Flash Light

  • Swiss Army Knife

  • 3 Prong Adapter

  • Black Ink Pen

  • Mechanical Pencil

  • 2 Tape Measures

  • Dust Remover

  • 15 in One Card Reader

  • Hard Drive Dock

    • Capable of Sata, IDE (both regular and laptop), All in one card reader and 2 USB ports

    • USB 2.0 or Esata

  • MacGyver Tool (With knife, phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener, saw, and file)

  • Syba SY-ACC65031 Computer Repair Tool Kit

    • RJ-45 Crimping Tool

    • Multi-Angle Ratcheting Screwdriver

    • Allen Keys

    • Cat 5e Cable

    • ESD Strap

    • Tweezers

    • Claw Retriever

    • Wire Cutters

    • Needle Nose Pliers

    • Chip Extractor

    • Assortment of Screws

    • Penshape Screwdriver with Built in LED Flash light

    • Assorted screw bits

    • Assorted sockets

  • Drill Bits

  • Laptop (Acer Aspire 5920)

  • Flash Drives

    • 3 Kingston Datatravler 8GB G2 USB 2.0 Flashdrives

    • 1 Team Inc F108 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    • 4 Verbatim Store-N-Go 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drives

  • Asus External Optical Drive

  • Electrical Tape

  • 2 MicroUSB Cords

a screwdriver set

some bits

cable ties

     zip ties

wire strippers

lots of extra cables

a flashlight


 and a non conductive multitool

     anti static wrist band

I just have a whole lot of Duct Tape :)


Phillips head screwdriver

Hand made soft hammer

Well... I don't really have a toolkit, as much as I have a basement filled with tools, and a garage filled with tools, raw materials (basically a lot of scrap metal), and machinery (mill, drill press, lathe, band-saw, anvil, brake, press, etc.)

A lathe and a mill? Are you rich or something? 

You must be thinking of industrial, multi-axis CNC machines. You can find basic hobbyist lathes for less than $500

Duct tape

MilVo rated safety glasses

Great big hammer

screwdriver set

wrench set

9 inch lineman pliers

even bigger hammer.

Not at all, I just have good contacts, and a hobby.

I've also got an 5HP 60-gallon air compressor, just because I got it for a good price from a buddy.

Don't have a PC specific toolkit. I just grab whatever i need from my workshop when i need it.

Helped build the CNC router at my hackerspace, too. It isn't industrial-strength, but it can cut some of the thinner pieces of steel, but 18 gauge really kicks its ass. Been thinking about a new router, something stronger.

Oh ok it makes alot more sense now. 

This. Chances are my tools are multi-purpose; computing stuff, DIY, electronic things, and so on. The only tool that would be for computing exclusively is the anti-static wrist strap. I would also want an air-compressor so I could have the flexibility to change or have plenty of air tools.

a pencil