What does Wendell look like?

any pictures??

Wendell is a jolly and informative fellow.

Not how I imagined him lol.

I NEED TO SEE A PICTURE......I imagine he looks like a happy jolly  giant 

I gave you better than a picture good sir, I gave you a video. 

Why is everything I ever do never enough for people }:

I love Wendell. I love him more than words can say.

You know why.

Not at all what I thought......he is now my computer's background

That's not creepy, at all.

The North American Wendell is often talked about but rarely seen in the wild. This elusive creature can only be spotted when long complex technical explanations are required. - Youtube top comments

Why does he never appear again?

Its a very difficult summon I assume. You just can't put your best card into play that easily man.

That's right. It's hard to get enough swamp cards in play to obtain the level of mana required.

I don't know about you but wendell looks pretty similar to my uncle

Wendell Swag

Wendell has swag....

I imagined a a Swedish death metal beard but with a ratty baseball hat and a fishhook in it.... I have no idea why but Wendell make it happen.

Damn.. I always thought he was black!

He does have a really deep voice haha

First time I saw him I thought he'd be, chubbier

you know Nate's black