What does this cable do?

This takes up a PCI slot and I just want to know what it is and if I need it or not

Cathodes perhaps, or something like that?

What is it connected to anyways.

lol that the Cathodes
u can remove it but u will have to but the wire and switch somewhere eles

we need to see the other end of the wire. and it may actually answer your question when you trace it out.

lol there obviously cathodes, you can see one of the cathodes at the bottom

I'm guessing this guy bought his PC rather than built it. I don't give a damn as long as it isn't a brand name PC.

haha you don't have to be a jerk about it. this is my first custom build and I got it from cyberpower.

is that a 3850 IceQ card i see?

This is the second thread where you need to know what thecables do ^^
Its a cable for cathode. A switch.

it's the IceQ Turbo 3870, I'm planning on getting a new 4870 soon!

it's the IceQ Turbo 3870, I'm planning on getting a new 4870 soon!

thanks greensli and all of the other guys lol. It's a cathode switch, I worried for nothing.

that ok mate , that want we are here for to help other out

I wasn't being mean. I was saying I don't care if you've never built a PC, as long as it isn't a brand name 'gaming pc' (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc).

ya never buy one , stay well away from hp "gaming pc "

push the button.... push it! push it now!

is this a cable or place to insert kvm switch