What does thermal paste really do?

i sort of understand what thermal paste does, but not really. i know that its necessary but well not much else to be said. help please?

it fills tiny gaps between the heatsink and the cpu that you cant see.


it fills in the physical gaps between your heatsink and your cpu chip with a thermally conductive material so you can transfer the heat from your cpu to heatsink more efficiently. this is true of any electronic component that produces heat.

also use google.

It fills in all the microscopic irregularities between the two metal surfaces (CPU and Heatsink). If there are tiny air bubbles between them they will reduce cooling performance because air doesn't conduct heat as well as metal. Thermally conductive paste is the best way to get the heat through short of welding the two surfaces together.

what would be the difference and affect of not using any vs using the paste

significantly higher temps, would definitely not recommend.

My grade 12 level of chem/physics can't give you details, but thermodynamics and stuff basically say for heat conductivity, gas<liquid<solid.

Use thermal paste its not like its expencive.



Destin diaper rash can also be used if you dont have any lol.



Was this the Kentucky Way of applying thermal paste?