What does Tek Syndicate do with Extraneous GPUs and Components?

Dear Logan and Pistol.

What do you / What Happens to ALL the Extraneous Components that aren't in use anymore? for example your old GTX 780 or Pistols Old ASUS Matrix 7970, do they go into like some Hall of Fame or do they Get Like a Razethew0rld Medal For all the Editing and Excellent Gaming experiences the Cards have Provided you. or do they just and sit on a shelf and cry somewhere in the studio?

P.S I sort of Asked the Question MONTHS ago but kinda didn't get a response. Sad Times :(


They probably give the ones bought out of their pockets to their friends or relatives, and the ones procured from sponsors are giveaway promos.

They make drink coasters from them and sell them on etsy.

They have both decorative and functional uses assigned to them.



I rember thinking about this a while ago , and maybe even adding the use components to the site for sale , some people have very little to spend on a pc , and for them a 20$ 6970 (or other , you get whet I mean ) would still be great .

Cheap hardware would make my life amazing.