What does Max TDP. stand for?

I see on the FX 8320/8350 that the max TDP is 125W. Does that mean the max wattage it will ever use is 125W?

no... it has to do with heat.. like if your heatsink is only rated for 65w tdp your screwed....but ive heard it otherwise

TDP= Thermal Design Power

Power produces heat. So in terms of TDP Power = Heat

TDP is the max amount of power that a cooling system will be required to dissapate.

If a CPU has a TDP of 95, then the cooler you mount will have to be able to dissipate 95watts of heat generated.

So could a cpu like a 8350 actually use like 200 watts of power? I remember reading on a tomshardware forum that some guy (probably osme idiot, according to what you just said) was saying "THATS BS THE 8350 CANT USE MORE THAN 125 WATTS OF POWER IT HAS 125W TDP". So hes wrong?


i woulda thought "TDP" meant "Total Draw Power" = 125 watts


heh, so did I, but i kept saying "total power draw" in my head.

Well, for what I understand so far, just remember energy cannot be created or destroyed. If an object is emitting 125W of heat, it has to draw an equal amount of energy (in this case, electricity) or more from somewhere to produce that much heat.

My guess is that he is wrong.

but isn't matter just super consentrated energy? (*insert anti-matter rant here*)

but this also brings up a good point about die size, and manufactoring process, Sorry boys, bigger isn't always better

Reason why I asked this question is that my friend doesnt believe me that I have an FX 8320 and HD 7870 both OC'd and it runs on a 500W PSU. He says Max TDP. is just for heat (which I found out from some research, Max. tdp is to do with heat).

I hate to be "that guy" but it would take a minute to find this out if you just used a search engine.