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What does Level one read?

i run out of content and my bookmark bar is lame

what sites do you check?

i meant sites, i dont have any other sites and would like a few to check when im not working

some of the books look like good reads but i still, sites

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We have a “what are you reading now” topic on the forum which has loads of suggestions:

We also have/had a book club but I’m not sure if its still going, maybe somebody can correct me on this?


I only really picked up reading for personal enjoyment in the summer of 2016, having not read an awful lot as a child/teen. I spend most of my days programming and reading papers so it was never something I felt like turning to, until I got a kindle.

Books that I really enjoyed, and would definitely recommend:

The Sympathizer - fiction based during/after the Vietnam war.
Nineteen Eighty-Four - oof, this was so hard to put down, and left a real empty feeling afterwards.
Artemis - Andy Weir, same guy who wrote The Martian, so a similar feel, but a really enjoyable story.

Ones on the reading list:

Eisenhorn omnibus - Warhammer 40k stories are surprisingly good.
Sapiens and Homo Deus - same author, history of the homo sapiens, and then a glance at the future of mankind.
Other Minds - A look at a different kind of intelligent creature evolving separately to us: the octopus.


Just currently since it’s piqued my curiosity again.

Aside from that. Some Clive Cussler books. Currently these two.

I also recently acquired this one: (It’s bloody awesome!)

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I got your back, bub:

Zero Day and Trojan Horse have been great.

Trigger Warning: He uses Windows to save the day.

Someone mentioned Warhammer 40k, I highly recommend The Horus Heresy.

Also can’t go wrong with Wool, S, or anything by Brandon Sanderson.


Apart from work-related stuff and news (tech?) you prolly have hobbies or other interests as well to get your mind off for a bit.


na, home lab is life. this place is awesome but L1T only has so many new posts everyday

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Check out the docs available at RedHat, a plethora of good reads for breaks or when going to bed.

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Always fun to check up on Ars and see what they’re up to.

CityPages can be fun if you’re in the Minneapolis metro area. If you’re not, I highly recommend finding a similar site for your local area.

Generally my reading is directed at a project. ZFS, green energy, Linux, etc.


Man pages.


@Dynamic_Gravity oh you so funny

~Chinese accent~

books usually

Lol I’m serious, I spend too much time reading how stuff works. I’m a ‘standard nerd’ as some would say.

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The Horus Heresy novels were my gateway and they are so fucking good. Fulgrim was one of my favourite books, for sure. Just, don’t go into the series with the intention of making it through all of them. They release far too many nowadays. The original trilogy is a great self-contained start to the universe, and you can branch out to other books if you want, as the the next 4 at least are set at the same time, from different perspectives if I’m not mistaken.

Im sure needing to know the why of things is what brings most of us here.

Haha pretty much, so at least we don’t feel as alone in our tech problems.

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I check Ars Technica daily. The Verge and Digital Trends are similarly good.
This one may seem off at first but bear with me.

Cracked used to be a crappy MAD magazine ripoff, but has far surpassed it on the internet.
It’s basically funny list articles. But many of the lists are informative and teach history while I LMAO.

Everyone can use a bit of daily humor with all the bad news in the world.
Or to read a bad news story with a sense of humor.


The Pictofacts articles are like a meme list with a topic.

Screenshot(120) It may be a news aggregation site but even then I pick and choose what I read, anything going to a british tabloid like dailymail, telegraph, sun or daily star, I avoid like plague, all clickbait shit there are others as well but too many to list

twitter, I follow a whole bunch of 3d printing peeps and some tech tubers but not many

Not really a site but the Lounge as a whole
please just dont be that guy and say “I can’t keep up”, treat it like a chat but with the format of a thread. I really do get a lot of info from it, you just have to read all of it, which if you’re bored, is incredibly easy.

Forum threads in general, the Intel Fubar thread has been quite entertaining to say the least

swiping left on my android phone’s homescreen to see whatever Google thinks I would consider news.

Books? mmm nope, college textbooks is as far as I go

As far as memes go I get new ones almost exclusively from the politically incorrect board on 4chan, nothing more needs to be said one can only wonder what response this sentence will inspire

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One of my friend suggest me to read ‘Gitanjali’ Let’s see how is this one. :slight_smile: