What do you want to see in windows 9?

I would like to see a few things implemented that are more than likely note in development.

1.Tabbed explorer for local storage. Some sort of allcast implementation. What I have found is that the lg g3  is the best phone. My bro has a note 3, i had a 2, my sis has a iphone 6 and I gotta say.

2. The g3 is the front runner of all the top end phones. It has the second best camera, a qhd display, but better yet the remote capabilities. It has infrared  so it is a perfect universal remote. It also comes with allcast by default. Which if you have a smart tv or home theater pc/xbox or whatev allcast would be perfect for it.

3. Official Android App Support like in mobile windows

4. App package manager like in linux

5. Repositories

6. Multi Primary displays (having the clock and active programs on all monitors)

[policy]7. Choose antivirus (offered in first use [like eu browser choice]) link to website

I am wondering if you have any additions or not?

the thing I want most is the start button, a real start button, a man's start button. It's looking like i'm gonna get my wish :)

I also like the idea of tabbed windows explorer, but I also like the feature that a lot of linux distros use, which is the view 2 folders at one time in one window. its great for drag and drop. there a lot of features for windows management in many linux desktops, especially ubuntu, that i would love to have on my windows computer.


I want to see the start button return.  I also want to see high DPI scaling work.

+1 To everything here plus a unix like file system . And for the love of God windows allow for more than one partition on a usb drive. 

Decent support for mounting ISOs and decent file compression.

And BASH for the command prompt.

This is a lesser thing But since I'm running windows 8.1 I also run startisback. One feature of it I really like is the ability to change start icons on the fly with only about 2 clicks.

I want the ability to change the icons of things on the fly WITHOUT hassle. Icons like Start Button and various program icons. >right click any icon > change bmp file

1. Shadowcopy

2. The ability to use 'Apps' from the store without having to sign into a Microsoft account for the whole computer


4.  A file system less prone to fragmentation

5.  A "Start Button" that uses a start menu like win7 - I dont mind if it has live tiles as long as the functionality is there.

6.  Ability to uninstall Metro

7. High DPI scaling and better support for display hubs

8.  Ability to totally un-install Internet Explorer

9. Specify default installation locations for programs on multi drive systems without using shortcuts to link folders ( as in install win to an ssd, and by default then install programs within windows to either the ssd OR an HDD as part of the windows install process - my documents, pictures and music do NOT need to be wasting space on my ssd by default)

10.  Full disclosure of what the system is actually doing as far as microsoft phishing, spying and the like and the ability to disable any such 'feature' without hamstringing the entire system

11.  Customised installs - I dont use Media player, IE, Office, windows defender etc - so why do I even have to install them?

  • linux kernel? lol
  • make it open source? seriously, why not?

let them just completely abbandon the wohle metro shit, let them abbandon skydrive, let them just abbandon the whole apps crap, and micrsoft accound BS.

Just give me a 64 bit Windows based on the XP looks


running the latest linux kernels, modern filesystems, everything open source... yeah, not going to happen lol... because of the moneyzzz... it would be nice though to have a few extra open source developers, even if they would be so n00b coming from Microsoft, they could learn and catch up with modern technologies, it would be nice...

Deeper more insidious integration of metro is what I see. Sure there is a Start menu now, with metro in it. And you have a real desktop now, with metro apps in it. and the underlying menu systems are more bubbly and have even less features. 

I want a desktop but I like functionality over all else. For the initial looks and the WIn 8 fiasco I don't see a return to poweruser levels of streamlining and functionality.

These days...

Its death asap.

Ive been hard core gamer and windows user since DOS then Windows 95 +.

Never felt so much hate for Microsoft since 8 was a kick in the face. 9 is the nail in the coffin. I want OUT.

Jeeze my writing when im out of it is pretty terrible.

But frankly, son, I don't care if it milks cows while dancing the cucaracha, if it ain't open source, it ain't worth fly spit!

You'll have more luck harvesting Fly spit than getting windows to be open sourced. Microsoft should move to gaming consoles and phones, and leave the OS open. Open up DX, open up Windows (Hah. That's a pun) And let me enjoy my DX games on any platform I wish.

True dat... vampires don't open their windows up...

Ironically, just today got a new 250 USD dual core 3.5-4.3 Watt Celeron subnotebook with touchscreen that will replace my Acer Chromebook, and it has W8.1 preinstalled (which makes it de facto a sub 150 USD device after deduction of the Microsoft Tax), so I'm going to enjoy the rare pleasure of cracking the system open tomorrow. It's a German brand, never had a Euro made notebook before in my life, I'm curious about the BIOS, and whether it's flashable to open source BIOS. It has more RAM than the Chromebook and a 2.5 drive, which I'm going to need for KDE5 and full standalone use. I'm really stoked about KDE5, but I'm first going to try it out with Gnome 3.14. It's crazy that the useless W8.1 license is as expensive as the hardware itself, and it takes a bunch of time to clean the system of all the Microsoft spyware. Such a waste, but they didn't sell the bloody thing without W8.1 preinstalled. So basically we have to pay Microsoft tax to acquire a computer... insanity galore...

As far as DX games are concerned, a lot of Chinese ARM SoC's are DX compatible on a hardware level. I'm sure it violates just about all MS patents, but the Chinese don't care. Those SoC's cost 4-5 USD a pop... yeah, well, I guess we all know how it's going to end right lol...

Great pun, lol. Would love to see open source Windows. I could play around, and people could analyze it,and do naughty things to it. But I think a lot of trade secrets would be exposed. Which is why I think it will NEVER be open source. Oh, and because of the MONEY!!! 

Money is naturally the name of the game, but FOSS is the trend of the day so I wouldn't be surprised if M$ actually stated that they would open their source.

For examples M$ throws alot of money into linux development and Apple likes to brag that a large portion of their tools are open source. There's the same irony in both statements but both facts actually indicate that major corporations are slowly starting to see FOSS as a suitable business model.

And to refresh the memories it's those same corporations who decided that everything should be closed in the first place.

Its easy to understand why they wanted it closed back then, though.

"It's my invention, I coded and created it, I don't want people to mess with it, Because it is mine"

But its time to give it a break.

Linux kernel 3.16... Oh wait a second (that'd be too good to be true)... an OS that works out of the box ☺