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What Do You Use to Write Functional Programming?

Hey everyone. I’ve voluntarily “inherited” a project that is written in Clojure. I’ve dabbled in a book on Clojure and seen some cool ideas expressed in Clojure, but I’ve not really done anything with it.

I’m curious to know what any of you have used to write Clojure.

Tools I have and plan on using for this project:

- vim
- JetBrains Suite
- The Internet

If you have a recommended vim plugin or extension, that would be awesome! If you know a way to tweak, mod, configure, or hack IntelliJ or something to interpret, lint, and make suggestions for Clojure that’s cool too. Or, if you have a badass tool that I haven’t listed, go ahead and make that recommendation because I can download and install it! :smiley:

Environment is going to be an Ubuntu operating system, if that helps.

You know emacs is written in a functional programming language itself, elisp.

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I’ve made promises that I was going give Emacs another shot. Maybe I’ll pursue it for this endeavor.


You use Spacemacs, yeah?

Yep. Checkout paredit,

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Oh my God, sold


That is awesome lmao.

I’ll check it out!

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Emacs is probably the best editor for clojure (emacs is generally well loved in the lisp world). Cider is a wonder to behold.

If you need an easy out while getting your sea legs, there is also for IntelliJ IDEA


We use Scala where I work. I learned tagless final and have went through part of purely functional data structures.

Metals is awesome on Emacs.


10 minutes with emacs and I swapped CAPS Lock with Control for the first time in a long, long time :wink:

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You ain’t lying


OMG. This is revolutionary.

Write Code

Control c Control k to compile code

Immediately execute code in REPL

I’ve used REPLs in the past but not like this.