What do you use to keep your PC protected?

Hey, guys! First post!

Anyway, what do you guys/gals use? I'm getting rid of McAfee(Yell at me now) because it was free, and came with our internet service(Go ahead, yell). So I watched the recent inbox where the guy asked about the best antivirus and got me wondering. I'm doing my monthly check on the PCs in my house was wondering(logan said in the video to use spyware, malware, antiviurs and rookit) Any help?


Edit: I just saw a post about 5 before me about the same thing. Sorry for the double post.

Microsoft Security Essentials or NOD32 or Avast! with an occasional scan with Malware Bytes.

comodo firewall + common sense once  a month i boot HBCD and run combo fix and malwarebytes

If you dont know that HBCD is its a must have for enyone who has a computer >_> its free make a cd of it! http://www.hirensbootcd.org/download/

run arch linux most of the time.

when i need to program windows shit, i hop back on windows... which i dont have a virus scan on, as im not stupid.


viruses can run though remote code execution 0 days (which, you will never encounter), downloading binarys (.exe's, .scr's, and so on), and java drive by's (which will prompt if you want to run a java applet)

so dont run random java, dont download newmovie.exe and dont be a government target, and you will be fine.

I run Kaspersky because my motherboard came with 1 year of it, but I also use Malware Bytes for Windows. Most of the time (all of my dev time), I'm on Arch 64-bit, which I don't do much of any internet stuff on; I don't even have Java installed! I use it purely for C++/OpenGL/SDL developement.


Common-sense, though; you can't beat it.

Jeremy Clarkson? Common-sense? xD

I use Trend Micro because it was free with my board.

AVG free and Comodo Firewall

Right, well, I just kept McAfee on our computers because we generally use common sense.. Well, I do. I'm the copmuter guy in the house. So at least once a month I'll check the laptops and dekstops in the house. I just wanted to use something other than McAfee alone. So I kept that, and installed Spybot S&D and MalwareBytes. I also installed a Chrome( We use that in my house, and firefox of course) plugin to block online games on the living room computer, because my cousins would come and play broswer games on it.. And we all know how bad those can be.

Running Norton 360 here, comes with Comcast internet.

Common Sense Internet Security 2013