What Do You Use For Gaming?

You tell me ... I use Laptop & my pc though.

PC when my computer supports it and xbox 360.

WTF man? where's the PS2?!?!?

LOL PC and laptop, I think you mean Desktop and Laptop. I use all of the above, except for Xbox 360 (got rid of it near the beginning of the year).

back in 2003 where it belongs

i use PC for gaming (im guessing 99% of rtw members are the same)

I was going to say that. Yes, a laptop is a personnel computer or PC as it is often referred to.

PC and PS3...but mostly just PC.

Meh, it seems the more it goes, the less PC enthusiast and the more console players we are having on here... ;[

I use PC for everything pretty much. Movies, TV (Dr.House is the only show I watch anyway, tv sucks), gaming, etc.

PC and ps3 lately.

PS3 for Japanese import Games and PC for the rest.


I play ps2 & ps1 on pc, so PC because of the diversity, it's just a different animal.Â

Only thing that got me upset about PC gaming is the [color=#00ccff][b]lack of 2 player support that consoles normally get for[/b] [/color][color=#3366ff][b]ONE[/b][/color]Â [color=#00ccff]system.[/color]

Instead for PC if you want to play with multiple players, 9 & 1/2 times outta 10 you're forced into telling your friend something like...."hey bro go fuck yourself, buy your own computer and your own game then you come talk to me about diablo 1!"

@ akamu

yeah, i guess you could say PC gaming is a members only club. if you dont have a PC with good specs you cant really play any games on it like if you went over a friends house to play 360.

you might as well stick to your 386 computer


how is this even a question, you know what the outcome will be...

XBox 360 for the most part, but PC is where my heart is, just not got a good enough system.

PC, but i also have an xbox 360, thinking of flashing the HD, modding the case, and selling it along with a modded controller....

PC 90%, Wii 10%, thats about it. Only games from Nintendo them selfs I play on my Wii. Rest on my PC since most great games also come for the pc platform next to the Xbox and PS3.

Um PC and XBOX360!!!!!

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