What do you think?

So ive selected these parts

Amd Fx 8350 Here

Cooler Master Hyper 212Evo Here

Ram 8Gb Corsair Here 

Some Case ( Adventurer-9601R ) Here

Asus M5A99FX (Motherboard) Here

Nividia 610 (Already own this) Here

And i was wondering when i buy this will my 500Watt Psu support all of this

and then later when i upgrade to the 750Ti Here Will it also be able to support that ?


2 HDD's will also go in there if your wondering a 500Gb for games a 200Gb for whatever and OS

My mind is a barren waste land, much like this post.

I messed up and hit enter while i was writing it i edited it so it now syas what it is supposed to


whats your budget?? in which currency? it a pretty sound build but there can be some improvements. if i know the budget, i could come up with something 

OP needs to save up for a PSU and a GPU   .......IMO


use this, it should help