What do you think?


I think this is my finale build for my first build. I got more than I expected from my Birthday, so I replaced the 3600 with the 8230. Apparently it is a much better processor, so worth the extra £30. I assume my MOBO can handle it, let me know otherwise.

What about the case? It's by far my favourite aesthetics case I have seen, but you can't get it from the U.K so it might take a long time to ship to the U.K. AnYing got any cheap case. (Up to £that moo look really nice, similar to mine.


Thanks tannoying who can respond.

By the way, I think I could possibly get the R9280x graphics card instead of my MSI one. However, the step up is far less than I think the CPU so that is what I'm pretty sure I'll be going with.


the build looks good one of these with another blue led fan for the front would be good that is what my friend did with that case.

Come on, a few more replies would be great..

Fractal Design Core 1000 is £26 on Amazon. Granted that is a Micro-ATX case so you would need to change your motherboard selection.

Build looks good, but i would strongly recommend getting a 650W PSU. Because 550W w/ Bronze rating means you'll really get a max of 467W and that be a little low because the FX-8350 will run @ ~125W, video card @ ~200-250W.  325-350W which means you have ~167W remaining, and that leaves little room for the MB, RAM, Optical Drive, and HDD.  You'll be running PSU pretty hard.  a 650W PSU would give enough breathing room.

Also to mention, the Video Card auto-overclocks itself so you'll have instability while gaming with a PSU @ 550W...if you had an Intel chip, it would be fine to go 550W but with AMD CPU, it gets a little heavy on consumption.

After research. I have found that the FX3600 is supposedly a bit better for gaming. Is this true? This will be a primarily gaming computer, but I will be doing other things too. 

If the difference is not too much, would I be smart to stick with the Fx3600 and try to stretch for the R9280x graphics card?

Also, Im a real fan of this MOBO, so unless you can find a replacement, I'll be sticking.

What are you smoking...?

If it's rated at 650W, it'll deliver 650W.  Its inefficiencies will be solved by drawing more power from the outlet.

I would be fine with 550W.

Psst!  Fx-6300.

That motherboard is great, especially for the FX-6300.

The FX-8350/8320 is better for gaming.  I have no idea where you decided that the FX-6300 is better.  However, if you want to overclock the FX-8350, you might have to get a slightly better motherboard, like http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-motherboard-m5a99xevor20

You can overclock HD 7950s really high, as they've been pretty much underclocked at stock speeds.  Even an HD 7870 can match a 7950 at stock speeds.  If you overclock an HD 7950, you can get pretty close to an HD 7970/R9 280X

Your name says it all...do you even know how electricity works...you lose power with distance, you can never get 100% power efficiency atm.  The highest is Titanium rated which is 95-96% power efficiency which costs an arm and a leg.

Maximum rated means the highest possible load but that's what the 80+ rating system is for.  The rating guarantees 85% power efficiency.  This means at worst case scenario a 550w PSU will deliver 467W.  Learn a little about 80+ certification and how it's awarded.