What Do You Think?

Hey Guys,

I just ordered the parts for my first build ever! I suppose I should have waited to order it until I got some 2nd opinions but I could wait no longer. What do you guys think? I will be using this PC for gaming and media mostly. Any constructive criticism is much appreciated.




Its not bad. If you want constructive criticism I'd say 1866mhz ram and an ASUS or Gigabyte motherboard. But nice build anyway.

I hate to say it, but you could have gotten a better build if you had just tweaked a couple of things. I made some changes. This is what I would have done:


First off, I went with the FX-8350 because it's pretty much the same thing as the FX-8320, except for the clock speed, and I would imagine that the 8350's are binned higher which means they should give you higher overclocks.

I swapped out the motherboard for a cheaper alternative. The 970 chipset will still give you most of the features of the 990FX chipset. The only real difference is that you'll be able to run dual card crossfire on the 970, where you could do quad crossfire on the 990FX, and I don' think you're going to be running four cards any time soon.

I swapped out the ram just because it was slightly cheaper, but it was only about a difference of a dollar, so that change isn't really necessary.

I swapped out the hard drive for another. It has more buffer cache which should make it a little faster, and it was only about $3 more expensive.

I went with the Samsung 840 because it's a little cheaper, and it's still a very fast SSD. It should be just as fast or faster than the HyperX 3K.

I swapped out the 7850 for a 7870XT. It was only about $45 more, and it will give you a huge performance boost.

I went with a 550 watt 80+ bronze PSU because you won't need 650 watts anyway. It's slightly cheaper, and it's a more reliable brand.

Hey how goes?

  Well, even though you have already purchased these components I cannot find anything wrong or incompatible with what you have chosen. I could not even find anything at a better price when shipping was included. Going with the Vishera CPU was the right way to go with AMD processors. I personally like Cooler Master Cases but I am warming up to the NZXT case these days because of the styling. I could not find the motherboard specs on the voltage requirements for the RAM but it did say it was compatible with AMD processors. In my ever humble opinion you have done a fine job on picking out your computer parts. Don’t forget you will need an OS and besides that, have fun with your new build.   

:( you should have asked for build help

Thanks for the help guys. I suppose I should mention that I paid about $860 for all of the parts on my list and not the $900+ that it shows from the link. I suppose I could have upgraded the the GPU but I figured a 2gb 7850 would probably handle everything that I will be doing. Also, I didn't think that the jump from an 8320 to an 8350 would be worth the extra $25.  

This seems like a nice build, i wouldnt have picked the vengance though, high and unnessary heatsinks so fitting a cpu cooler could be a pain.

The Mobo is great btw. has 16x 16x 4x

It probably isn't worth the extra $25, but that's up to you. It shouldn't be a huge difference though. I'm just making the assumption that the 8350 will overclock higher just because it's probably binned higher. That doesn't necessarily mean it will. The 7850 is a decent card, but the 7870 actually performs significantly better, and it's not that much more expensive. You can find some for around $200. The reason I went with the 7870XT is because it's using totally different architecture on the core than a regular 7870 and performs better as a result.