What do you think?

Hy Logan, really like your show and joined the syndicate, this is my first post

I just build a gaming/all around PC (i will be playing with some virtual machines and with some programming and game modding). Do you see any obvious flaws in my config

Fractal design R3 (would have went for the define mini as it was intended as a mini killer box or later for the R4 but could not get my hands on either so R3 still looks and feels like a good damn case), simple lines, heavy, and they seem to put quality on a top stop at fractal, noise dampening, decent fans, good layout

Seasonic G series gold 550W no compromise here, single rail, gold and 550 should be enough to get maximum of that 90 efficiency

Asus maximus gene (a mini board but with good power consumption, z77 , good sound and plenty of features )

Asus 7950 DC2 V2, was balancing on the 660ti but at almost the same price the higher bandwith and memory made me chose the amd as tessalatino an cuda is not something I would take advange of, and ... asus because of the color scheme I had in mind

*aslo came with hitman absolution, sleeping dogs and far cry 3 ... but my skyrim saves and enhanced textures are waiting 

Corssair vengeance 2x4 @ 1866 cl9 

Intel i5 3570k ... extra bucks for the magic letter but I will try to push it a bit and make use of it

And a arctic cooler 13, i did some reaserch and dispite the rather cheap aspect it works so ... white fan matches the fractal , better than the stock for sure

An ssd to come, mean while I have 1tb caviar green 7200 (had it around and spent extra on the case and PSU for now) I would go for the kingston hyper, but if you or any fellow member has a good sugestion I am open to them (aprox 200 gb of storage)

Let me know when/if you have the time

Pardon my english ;)

Note, I did not choose asus just for the colors, I did my homework