What do you think?

I just need some advice on my build.

I5 3570k (Already purchased)

Corsiar tx750m (already purchased)

Evga 560ti superclocked (was donated from a really great friend :)

Non purchased items:

Mb:Asus p8z77-v pro Or GIGABYTE Z77X-UP5??

Case: Corsair 500r Or what else???

Ram: Gskill ram Which one?

Harddrive: Found a 1tb at fathers house

Optical: liteon

Aftermarket heat sink: Cooler master hyper 212 evo

Will be planning on overclocking in future.

ssd: future for booting .

Live in america

If you want to give me some changes. No budget just try to keep it around the same money amount. Let me know! :D Thanks in advance!

I never liked the look of the corsair cases, I have a Cooler Master HAF XM it's big with plenty of room for cable managment

I have 12GB of G.Skill Ripjaw 1600 in my PC, I love G.Skill it's all I use

For the optical drive, I don't even use mine any more so if you want one go with the cheapest you can find

SSD I just got a Samsung 830 (Take that Apple) only had it about 2 weeks and im still running SATA 2 but so far so good was $200 for a 256GB

check the reviews on the Gigabyte motherboard, there was one that a lot of the reviewers on Newegg said they got DOA board of died soon after a build but I cannot remember the model so read a few reviews, I have been using mostly Gigabyte boards lately.

I buy most of my parts from Newegg, also live in the U.S.

Seems like it should be a good build, let us know after it's done