What do you think of this?

so guys hat do you think of this http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/sX8X

I have you seen trying to build like 30 builds? 

do you build all of these or what lol?

Maybe he is getting ready. Ive been doing the same thing for almost 6 months now. When i started i knew almost nothing about PC's but now i know enough to be dangerous. The only thing i can do is update builds and ask people for help.

right on the spot afktek this is my going to be my first build and i want it to be decent so i have changed it alot i started off with an apu build and its come to this :)

Please get rid of that CX builder series power supply and get yourself something worthy of your quality combo. How are the Seasonic prices over there or the XFX?

right now this is a real downer but just found out that my mom doesnt want me spending a grand of my own money for some reason so it will probs come down to £600-£700 but i really dont see why i cant :(

so how about this http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/xaxX for £750 ?