What do you think of this X Star monitor?

I'm considering buying 2 of these depending on what experiences you all have had with them. I noticed it does not mention pixel perfect and was wondering if you have bought this selection from dream seller. I can understand a little backlight bleed but do not want to get one with many dead pixels as I'm easily "annoyed" by them. That being said, would it be worth a shot to get these and try them? Return them if there is an issue or I decide I don't like them? Thanks

Unfortunately you cannot return them if you just don't like them. the returns policy is clearly stated.

The X-star is basicly a decent monitor.
Logan has done a review of it in the past check it out.

Would you advise that if I want 2 1440p screens to get these? I'd rather not spend nearly twice as much for only one screen from Asus or Dell. I've heard the pixel perfect option is a scam but would prefer to have no dead pixels obviously

I would say, yes get 2 of these, for dell, etc you get the same LCD as most other companies, but pay for the brand name.
I'm likely going to get the upgraded version of this, $70AUD more, but worth it.
QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution II DP Multi TRUE10 PIVOT 27"
Basically same monitor but not glossy, with many extra features.

Is there a number of dead pixels on the non perfect pixel version where you can return it? The seller I would be purchasing from is in the US so there would be no import taxes or stuff like that.

Also, were the ones Logan and Wendell bought the perfect pixel ones or no?

I own this monitor.

Pay the extrea bit if they have a pixel perfect model, there have been some bad ones i hear.

I've had mone for about two years now. the panel is just as good as when it was new. Very bright and the colors are fantastic. Response times are not the quickest but for casual gaming you WILL NOT notice it. The only time I noticed the delay was playing Quake live insta-gib after two red bulls.

The stand is crap but most of them are these days, I would consider looking for a 100mm vesa arm if you don't like the stand.

the only con I've had with it is the PSU. it's external (good thing) and it died on me on its 25th month of being on almost 80% of that time. Fortuently it was easy to replace.

Personally I would get the matte version (one i have) as a glossy panel will be slightly sharper/clearer but it'll reflect your envoirnment onto it.

Other than that it gets my approval

Thanks for the feedback, I've actually taken a liking to the QNIX Evo II because the pixel perfect is only $240 as opposed to $300 for the X-Star. I've heard a lot of people say the panels are the same but am looking to confirm that. Also the pixel perfect X-star ships from korea whereas the QNIX is in California and will not have import fees and such