What do you think of this side of the Net Neutrality Debate?

Just wondering what people thought of this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BA0EW9Nbvc&list=UUh2Lgr3oLSvY3m4_tXJ8Dtw

And how it kinda contradicts what Logan and Wendell have been saying.  


Isn't Wendell and Logan's argument biased towards the ISP perspective and recategorising the providers who are abusing the freedoms they currently have?

Lumping the internet into one homogenized mass of content and infrastructure seems to be the wrong approach to me. The network has nothing to do with the content other than it provides the physical means of distribution. You wouldn't create new traffic laws to manage the content of peoples letters and packages for example. I guess there maybe some confusion as the ISP's have tried to establish themselves as the postal service and the owners of the roads. Should the providers of the infrastructure even be involved with the data content? Would we accept a telco interrupting us in the middle of a phone call to censor us or beep out bad language? Shouldn't we be demanding a separation which prevents network providers from interfering in the  content? By content I don't mean the handling of raw packet data but the actual information we want to access and share. 

Allowing government interference in anything always ends badly especially in a world dominated by corrupt politicians, flawed legal systems, greedy corporations and plutocrats.

The reality is there are already enough laws in place to deal with any possible situation, if the legal process and legislative checks and balances weren't being circumvented and abused, at the expense of the people. In the case of America their constitution is being completely undermined as it is in the UK.

The governments worm their way into our lives and introduce function creep all the time when they create new statutes (which aren't lawful). The financial collapse lead to a government bailout and changes in legislation, when we already have laws that should have been used to prosecute the criminals responsible. Instead they haven't been brought to trial and have profited from their crimes. We haven't even begun to pay the price of that lunacy yet.

In the case of the ISP's it's clear to any rational person that they are engaged in dodgy practices which impact the consumer. What they are doing is morally and ethically wrong and they cant justify their position on technical grounds. In America they have already received funding from the public purse and now they want to rape and plunder the people again indefinitely.

The guy in the video is correct in what he is saying in imho. Allowing the government to get a foot hold would be unwise. The issue is that the government is going to get involved, because the people that pull the strings of government need to gain control of the internet, to protect their cash cows and prevent the growing descent.

What we need to do is regain control of the people we elect (lose sense of the word) to manage our countries and communities on our behalf. They work for us and they seem to have forgotten that simple fact! The people of the world are objecting to the intrusive, unlawful and downright corruption of our governments. Yet seven billion of us are being screwed by a few thousand psychopaths and sociaopaths.

Arguing about net neutrality one way or another isn't going to solve the root cause of our problems, it only serves to further the pervasiveness of government. Furthermore it legitimises the existence of these social parasites. We need to keep our eye on the ball and bring these treasonous vermin to account for their crimes using the laws we already have. Things have gone way beyond the point where debate is meaningful if we want to see any form of justice and rational process of government. These aresholes will keep talking us into an infinite loop if we don't draw a line and reverse the trend.

The internet itself works great from our perspective the only ones that are unhappy with things are the corporations and governments, who wish to retain their strangle hold on humanity. If the government and legal process actually functioned correctly the ISP's wouldn't get away with the stunts they pull.

All these debates are a distraction while - we are at the front door arguing the toss with a moron his mates are round back taking anything of value they can lay a hand to. We should close the door in the morons face and go out back and deal with the real problem.

We seem to be in a Hegelian dialectic where the government is allowing the ISP's to run a muck in order to create a problem, we all cry out against the ISP's and the government offers up a solution, that we think we want. While it was always the intended solution of the government in the first place. Even if they bring in new statutes the corporations will work around them, and shaft us in ways we haven't imagined yet.

We need to stop playing these silly games and start saying NO and meaning it. We need to hold these people accountable and if we don't nothing is going to change...at least not in a good way that's for sure.