What do you think of this mouse?

So I recently found this mouse and it's cheap as hell for what you get, so what do you think?

There is a 99% chance it is a junk mouse that will last you a few months then die, all while being uncomfortable and crappy.

Spend the money for a good mouse and you can use it for years, and enjoy the experience.

My cousin has had that mouse for over a year now and so have his friends and it works flawlessly. I used it just to see if it was comfortable and it's fairly comfortable. But I'm not actually looking for a new mouse I have a Deathadder 2013 that I'm happy with.

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I also have that mouse, got it for $10 on Amazon and honestly its a steal IMO. The only con I had with it was that its hard to pick up until your hand literally warms it up lol, but it served me greatly in FPS games like BF4 and Farcry. Oh, and the colors constantly change, you cant set it to any certain color but that doesnt take away from its functionality, just a minor annoyance for me. I've since bought the Roccat Tyon though, and I honestly cant find any reasons that justify it being $80-90 more than this mouse lol. So much for that 99% eh VXAce?

I would open it up and break the light, annoying.

Its a good mouse for the price, It does not have the option to stay one color unfortunately.