What do you think of this monitor?

I'm looking for a monitor around the $100-$150 range and I found this monitor.

That monitor is really nice for that price but I wanted to get some more opinions on it. If you have another suggestion, please tell me.


Looks decent enough.  IPS panel, good stats over all.  Little small for my taste and I'm not sure who makes Acer's panels, but at this price I doubt you'd be disappointed in the quality.  It looks like it has a glossy coating, so you might catch some glare depending on your lighting set up.  Also doesn't look like it's height adjustable.  Just something to keep in mind.

I'm looking for a 20"-24" screen size. The glossy coating doesn't bother me as I will be playing in a room with just a celing light and it will be off mostly. The height means that it doesn't go up/down or it doesn't tilt?

Up and down.  I'd be astonished if it didn't at least tilt.