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What do you think of this build?


Is probably fine. And if not, you learned a $20 lesson.


A few dollars more gets you the fully modular version of the PSU:


“For a few dollars more, you can have the ‘Where the hell have I put that Sata cable?!’ experience!”

Nicely spotted, missed that myself.


@stconquest psu is being moved from current build to save money else i would. @MazeFrame haha. also i bought fans from amazon so easily returnable. was just trying to get cheap fans that would work basically.


I had several fans from all kinds of manufacturers die on me. BeQuiet, Arctic and Akasa, to name the noteable ones.¯\_(ツ)_/¯


fans are probably not even necessary just wanted extra airflow. I will have 2 fans in front panel for intake and 2 up top for exhaust. and the normal 1 stock location for exhaust.


is ram clearance an issue(seems like i should be fine because its only 1 fan)? should i add another fan to the cpu cooler?


Hehe, you found my other post!

You can just move the fan on the right up (or mount it as pull fan on the left of the heatsink).


this specific cooler only has the 1 fan so it seems it has plenty of room.


facepalms Right… The NH-U15 and NH-U15S
With just one fan, it is fine. No need to worry about anything, you are maxing out the max cooler hight of the case though.


ya its gunna be close but it says it should fit! gunna be tight. should i add a fan to the cooler?


You can still ad that later. I don´t think you are going to need it.


i agree because of the 3 extra case fans


build complete. had to change case bc gpu was too wide(2.5 slot and only had 2 slots). got the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO ATX LAN Box instead. bought 1 too many fans.

close thread


No pictures of the finished machine?


it has terrible cable management bc they case doesn’t really have any good spots for it. also no side panel so cant see through it.