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What do you think of this build?


hello everyone, I wanted to get your opinions on this build. It will be used mostly for gaming and regular use. I wanted to make a smaller build because I may be moving out of the country and I want to be able to take it with me. I want to game at 1440p with high fps. Any thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated.

Could I go smaller and not lose any performance and/or features? I added extra fans for push pull on the AIO cpu cooler and another exhaust fan for top of case(2 on top of case in total). Rad will go in front of case with push pull. Should I get different fans(looking for cheap ones)?

I already have the psu and storage drives from current rig.


I’d go for a better ssd if possible.


I just threw some storage and psu on the list that I already have in my current rig. SSD will be upgraded at a later date.


Watch flash sales. I just got a wd black nvme drive for half off. 500gb too.


Run away from those fans…
I own a couple. Not good. I am comparing them to the Arctic F12 I own as well… The arctic are quieter, they move more air and they have better pressure… Seriously, I am running both at the moment…
Also, you are throwing 100$ at an AIO with extra fans and you are saving from an SSD and PSU and what not…

You can

Well, now you can’t really…


So you recommend the Arctic f12 fans?


F12 are my favorite fans. I love them.
However I don’t own any noctua or bequiet or whatever fans, mainly because Arctic are 4 times cheaper and are really good.
My point was, the cooler master fans are really not good. The case fans on the fractal case are better, meaning quieter and moving decent air amount.


changed fans …


BeQuiet fans are good on noise, airflow is decent I would say.

Noctua Redux fans are good (my system is filled with them), they move more air than bequiet making them louder.

For the price, Arctic fans are good.


Nothing wrong with the ADATA SSD, I’ve used 6 of them and 2 are the su650 series. Haven’t had a problem with any of them. Got a few more for upgrading parents computers. So now that I have said that watch these 2 not work…


I’m a Samsung shill for ssds


I will go all ssds when the larger capacity drives get cheaper. They are almost their. I have 1 small SSD for os and 2tb 7200rpm drive for everything else

#13 …updated


That SSD is perfectly fine. Using same for my main rig. Coolermaster fans are not good. Get Noctua or Corsair fans for better airflow


With you on Coolermaster fans beeing not good…
Would recommend instead:
Noctua, BeQuiet, NoiseBlocker, EK-Vardar and Silverstone AP-Series


All expensive shit…


Would not buy $5 fans when spending >700 on a computer.
I had an Arctic fan in my old machine, was not pleasent.


I’ve heard some pretty bad reviews of that one…


Was some 120mm fan. Chugged it in the bin after taking it apart and finding the bearing leaked.


oh no really. i already bought 3 f14 silent fans! this is the build and everything has been ordered…