What do you think of this build?


This is a build for a friend. He will be using it for gaming and regular use. He wants to get into pc gaming and has a budget of $900. He wants high performance and great gaming experience.

any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Do I have enough pcie lanes? will the nvme effect gpu performance?

gpu sortage blows

Looks good overall.
Case wise, I would recommend getting into the high 40 low 50 price bracket. Manufactureres compete there for the best case.

Some ideas: BitFenix Neos, NZXT S340, Fractal Desgin Focus G


thx for suggestions!

I did a build with the neos and its a great case for the money. Also I would recommend 2 4gb sticks instead of 1 8gb stick to take advantage of dual-channel memory.

thanks for the suggestion! i will change now! i thought that as well but 1 stick was cheaper

I would grab a hyper 212 or one of its many clones just to have a normal 120mm fan on the cooler.

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changed to hyper 212! thanks! I have that cooler on my rig


It looks ok, but I have one question. Does your friend already have his current desktop already connected to a UPS or does he already have one? If not you might want to trim somewhere on the budget to get one. Please don’t be like me and learn a very expensive lesson, if I hadn’t tried to cheap out on my budget two years ago I still would have a desktop to this day. A UPS can save your build from power surge damage or what I call dirty power. To give you an Idea of what the type of build I am talking about I have included a suggested build. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/aaronkitchen/saved/#view=CJ2NNG

cant he just connect to a good surge protector?

Yes, that would protect you from a power surge one time, but some people don’t realize today’s electronics are more sensitive than they were yesterday. Your computer can also be damaged by the fluctuations that normally happen with currant. There is a fellow forum member on this forum who can explain it better than I can, I just don’t remember his handle right this minute. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a UPS, just think of it as insurance for your computer.

Everything looks good as it stands. And yes GPU prices are definitely insane. I would not want to be building a pc right now.

this there a good brand or cheap good brand that is recommended?

Well the general consensus on this forum is if you are buying new buy one that is made by
CyberPower, if used by one made by APC. I myself don’t agree with them because if you buy used you are taking a risk if the unit is any good. To answer your question which is the best anything made by APC that is sized for your needs present and future. I will get into figuring what you need in a minute. I thought I would post the one I am getting my desktop build. Keep in mind I wouldn’t recommend the one I am getting because my budget is way larger and I am doing more than just gaming, web surfing, and answering email on my build.
Aaron’s UPS

Ok now let’s talk about figuring the proper size. I have included a link to a website which you just fill in the question it asks you and it will make a recommendation for the size of your PSU and UPS, then just look for a UPS the will cover that. I personly add 10 to 15 percent to whatever recommendation it makes to cover unthought of expansion I might want to add in the future. OuterVision® Power Supply Calculator. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

If your friend is not adverse to overclocking, the 1700 is a better bang for your buck when overclocked.

thanks for heads up

thanks for the info…but price difference is kinda large

The best bang for your buck today from AMD is the ryzen 1700 and threadripper 1950. That’s a big difference in price, but each is aimed at a different market.

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