What do you think of Oculus Rift?

What do you think of Oculus Rift or other things like it? Is it the future o gaming, or will it flop like Kinect?

I think it will be a cool gadget to play with, but enhancing the gaming experience? I don't really think it will be the future of gaming.

I have the Dev kit and love it.

I can't wait until 4K OR is available.

It needs a higher res

Definitely something I am interested in, I would certainly rather buy a rift than a console.

4k right in front of your eye is completely unnecessary.  The eye doesn't need 4k, we don't even see in that way that's just adding detail that the human eye won't recognize on its own.  From what i know is that 150dpi is the limit we can see, we can't tell the difference between 150-300dpi.  The irony is that science says that we are close to around 575 MP of definition which is about 18k resolution.  The eye has such a hard time distinguishing because how how well our eyes adjust to make smaller resolution feel as good as higher resolution. We won't realize the difference.just like from 60hz - 120hz, or even worse from 120hz - 240hz, the difference is so small that it doesn't even matter. I know im contradicting myself...lol

Now a 4k OR is a cool idea but i think they need to get the motion sickness fixed before anything. The difference in refresh rate that we will fully notice is somewhere more profound like 60hz to 4000hz, but we're long ways from that kind of tech.  So in essence the perfect OR would have to be able to run 18k resolution at 4000hz...lol that would be the spec of our eyes performance.

Ok so i sound like im trolling but what i mean is that the resolution itself doesn't need to be 4k, what matters is the textures in the games to be 4k and higher.  The resolution of the screen itself is a bit unnecessary, and especially for player who use multiple monitors, 1080-1440 are great resolutions and good enough, it's not like we're seeing these screen 10 feet away.

Anyways to the serious stuff, I like the idea of the OR but i feel that when i've used it i've had problems working with my mouse.  There is a difference in the way you use your mouse because of how it rotates.  I felt like i'd have to hold my head still to play a FPS which is a bit disheartening because it will force a new way to play games, which means we need a new kind of control for these kinds of games.  In an RTS oriented game like Starcraft or League of Legends for example will be fine to get pan without the mouse being a bother in many occasions.  I personally want this thing to be as immersive as that anime .hack.  I wanna play a first person mmo and feel like im inside the game, i want it to have build in microphone and headphones because if you're wearing something like that, it will get in the way of your gaming headset, i use an Astro A40 which is quite big in the ear area and will bump with my OR.  Once a revision comes out with that, and the fixes for motion sickness i would gladly buy it.  At the moment it still isn't complete and i wouldn't take a risk to buy a device like that.