WHat do you think of My Bui


Here is my Build. I'll be switching from laptop to desktop so I'm not into much graphics or filters, as long as its high settings and at 1080p I'm satisfied with it.  I'll be using it for casual gaming and Auto-cad. I'm only a college student so I'm in a budget :D $550. If you have any question feel free to ask :D

Feel free to comment or to suggest. Thanks in Advance :D

This 7870 is only a little more and it's way faster in games: http://amzn.to/15N5DG1. I believe CUDA is a little faster in Autocad, but I'm not an Autocad pro. Even then, the 7870 is just a lot faster. 


LOL, sorry, seems funny to plus one you...

Yah! The 7870 is a better card than the 650 ti boost, just google some benchmarks, the 7870 xt basically matches a 7950 in some tests!


using... well the only autocad baenchmark i could find, [link] it shows even a 7970 getting it's ass handed to it by a 650, as strange as these scores are i couldn't find any other benches to disprove or confirm this

I think i would rather go with a h87 motherboard and a locked i5 haswell or i7 if you could stretch your budget a little. You also don't need a cooler fot that. Your auto-cad performance would benefit greatly. Also think about getting a ssd. Maybe you could upgrade later on. Your pc would feel much more responsive, making it easier to work on.

must be a CUDA thing... I wonder how much Nvidia paid them to use that eh? *yawn*

Thanks Logan :D

I'll definitely get a 7870. I already found one near my local store with a very decent price.

Thanks men I appreciate it a lot.

Thanks for the link :D

Thanks for suggesting, I'll be getting an ssd later on but not now since I'm on tight budget :D

one thing I wan't to know, going for h87, would it be worth it? I mean in terms of performance  and price-performance ratio :D Thanks!

Don't trap yourself with a locked CPU or motherboard; if you want to go Intel, get a k series CPU and Z_7 series mobo.

like brennanriddell said, you can't overclock with those, but the performance is better than the fx 6300 and you can keep the stock cooler. If you don't want to OC, I would suggest to get the i5 4570. The unlocked parts cost a little bit more.

Price to performance wise the fx 6300 is better but the haswell has better over-all performance. If you want to overclock, you would have to get a z87 MB and a i5 4570k.

Huhuhu I'm now confused -_- xD

I really don't know If I have to go to the dark side xD I really wan't to have an intel build but its freaking expensive. I'm really in tight budget. For OCing with intel I don't think my budget would allow me, a lock cpu MAYBE but still. I look for an intel cpu and mobo here in my country, the price is atleast more than $180(converted) that is for 4570. :/ 

Thanks for suggesting thou I appreciate it :D

Edit: I was looking for a benchmark and then I found this http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/363/AMD_FX-Series_FX-6300_vs_Intel_Core_i5_i5-4570.html I don't see a good reason to switch especially with price-performance ratio. Though the drawbacks for fx were hilarious.

I know that feel, I am in college too right now and can't get the parts I want. The fx 6300 is not a bad cpu :D

Thanks men,  I really think that I'm gonna be ok with the fx 6300. It's budget friendly and its performance Isn't that bad. Overall I think its good for budget build right?