What do you think about the new 'best' gaming laptop comparison system?



Would like to hear your thought, whoever has the time




I just took a quick look at all of them, they actually look decent.

I really liked the MSI ones (I have a fetish for MSI, which is strange because my current rig has nothing MSI in it) anywho, they get pretty salty when dipping under the $1000 price range. Also, only one of them has an SSD (is that standard?) 

I was most surprised by the HP Envy, it's on the cheaper side of the laptops in there, and it looks alright. 

That CyberPower Fangbook (the first one listed) seems to be the best one (probably why it's first).

I found where the Alienware's stand in the listing kind of justify why people bash Alienware's so much. - I'm not here to bash them at all, as Alienware's actually are very good systems, but they're just overpriced and they really make people who are new to PC gaming associate "good" computers with flashing lights and LEDs. 

I'm not going to compare them to desktops that you could get for a similar price, because I think that defeats the purpose as laptop vs desktop is impractical because both offer things that the other cannot do.

Overall, they look pretty good.

Thanks for the comment!

I add more laptops every day. It is not easy to decide where to place them since it's a matter of price but also also a matter of perspective..