What do you suggest for a good gaming keyboard, either usb or PS2 input?

Bang for the buck here, just wanting some suggestions. Braided cable would be nice. I could sleeve it myself, though it will probably make the price go over the top.

I love my Razer Deathstalker Expert. Paid $30 for it. But it is a chiclet keyboard, so it's definitely not for everybody...

Are you wanting a mechanical one?

I can pass on Mechanical, learned to type on one.

It depends on how much you care about key rollover, the devastator is fine to type on, but it can be limited if you have to press many buttons at the same time, and you get a mouse with it, but the mouse needs the tape trick to be usable as a gaming mouse

don't believe the rebate though

I have a Sharktoon mouse that I love, left over Cooler master Cheapy keyboard. Just looking for suggestions for my Po Boy gaming rig.

Utech has a keyboard that seems pretty solid, kinda wish I bought it instead of the CM keyboard if the key rollover is true on it


I recently got a Steelseries Apex [RAW] keyboard. It's pretty sweet but not perfect. $60

It looks slick. I used to be an industrial designer so looks are important to me.
It has white lights under the letters, none of that RGB nonsense.
It is a rubber dome keyboard that I prefer. I don't like the clicky feel or noise of mechanical keyboards. Like anything, rubber can be done well but so many crap keyboards are rubber people dismiss them all.

The bad part is the keys are flat like a laptop. It's hard to feel where your fingers are. I put on braille dots with epoxy. This may be a plus, but it has 19 macro keys that I don't want.

Corsair Vengance K65 10 keyless - Basic strong metal cased keyboard. Keys are raised so it's also easy to clean.

Bought it, it's actually quite nice. A lot of functionallity, though the layout is different. The LEDs are nice and bright even in the light so I can see what keys are what. For like 28 bucks with free shipping a lot better then the CMStorm mouse and keyboards I got. Thanks for the advice, I was looking at it and you pushed me over the edge. I like it so far.

I have the K95 and G910 and like them both a lot. Brown key version for the K95, and the tactile response is wonderful. The Logitech is very enjoyable also.