What do you recommend?

Hey I have this new gaming rig I wanted to build but im having some tiny problems with which parts I should choose.

Case: Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl or Nzxt Phantom 410?

CPU: Core i5 3570K or 2500K

RAM: 2x4Gb Kingston HyperX Beast 1866mhz or 2x4Gb Corsair XMS3 Vengeance

SSD: Intel 330 120gb (Another SDD you would recommend?)

Motherboard: MSI Z77A-G43

Power-Supply: XFX ProSeries Core Edition 650W PSU

Graphicscard: XFX Radeon 7950

Nothing here will bottleneck right?And could you maybe help me choose the parts I have problem choosing?

Thank You :) 

Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl

Core i5 3570K

2x4Gb Corsair XMS3 Vengeance

I have an Intel SSD and It's good, but this may be cheaper: OCZ Vertex 4 (VTX4-25SAT3-128G)

You don't want to skimp on PSU, I'd go with this

GPU is fine.


Good luck!

Thank you for the feedback :)

Errmm I cant get that seagate in my country (or atleast not where i'm buying) so why isn't the XFX good enough? So maybe if you had one better it would also be great :)

 Where I'm from the Intel ssd is alot cheaper than the OCZ so i'm going with intel ;)
And why would the Corsair XMS be better than Kingston Hyperx Beast?
And again thank you for feedback :)

The PSU is not Seagate, it is a SeaSonic and they are one of the best and most reliable PSU manufacturers. If you can not get SeaSonic-- go with Corsair here. You do not want to skimp on PSU, and XFX is not a brand I know well and not one many people know at all (as far as I know). I have had good personal expereinces with both SeaSonic and Corsair's PSU's.

I never got specifcic models for the RAM so I was assuming they had the same specifications and price and Corsair RAM is better and more reliable in my opinion so I would go with it. :)

Oh! XFX is very popular and is one of Motherboardsorg's fav brands ;)

And I've heard Kingston should be more reliable than Corsair but maybe Corsair is faster I dont know about that. But it's just... The Kingston HyperX Beast looks,,, well BEAST! and it's pretty new. But ALOT of people has vengeance so im just kinda confused what to choose. And the HyperX Beast is only few days old, so not that many reviews.

But well thank you anyways :)

Ps. I knew it was called Seasonic and Logan loves 'em But I just watched a movie that was made by Seagate so by accident I wrote Seagate :P

Yeah actually I was mistaken XFX looks to be really nice after some further resarch.. and It's based off SeaSonic platform. So go ahead with that.

No problem!

Ha nice :)

+1 on the advice with the PSU. I would take a look at some of AMD's offerings, for the same price as that i5, you can get the AMD FX-8350. You might be able to find an AMD cpu which performs very similarly in the benchmarks and save a few bucks to invest in more ram, or the higher-quality power supply.

If you really cannot afford the real high quality power supplies I personally would not worry too much, usually if you get at least an 80+ bronze power supply it will have decent quality parts.

Dont worry, XFX is 80 plus bronze certified and is single railed soo it's quality :D