What do you reccomend?

Hi, im coming over to PC from console gaming, i was wondering what games may you recommend to me?

Depends on what genres you like really. But IMO, get a good multiplayer shooter so you really learn to appreciate mouse and keyboard controls (fistful of frags, TOXIKK, counter strike GO and quake come to mind), you can try out some of the strategy games that never make it to console (grand strategy like Europa Universalis, or 4x like Civilization, or RTS like Starcraft 2), definitely play the original Portal (I think that never made it to console), play a ton of good indie games and after that, just enjoy whatever you liked on console, just better.

thank you, that really helps!

KOTOR 1 and 2, Battlefront 2, Morrowind, Fallout 3/NV, Project Cars, Insurgency, BioShock 2, ESO, ArchAge, Arma 3, Chivalry, Star Trek Online, Dishonored, Trine 3, Poker Night 2, Postal 2, L4D2, Orion (LOL), GTA V, and everything ... almost forgot about Gmod (the best game ever)

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Fallout 3/NV, CS:GO, Heroes & Generals, Skyrim, Warframe, BF3/4 and for last Garry's Mod (for programming in E2 etc)

Catlateral damage.

If you have a rig up for it, Planetside 2 or Tera.

RTS wise, SupCom, SupCom:FA, and SupCom 2

Welcome to the PC master race.
What are the specs of your computer?
What kind of games do you like to play?
Do you care about graphics? (you may like some older games too on the cheap.)

I would also get Steam if you haven't already. Lots of AAA and indie titles on there. Origin has some good games. Battlefield 3 and 4 (not Hardline). Dragon Age, Other great RPG's Skyrim, Guild Wars 2 (pay once, no monthly fee after.)
Lots of great simulator games. Great war games (war thunder, world of tanks, Armored Warfare), Red Orchestra 2, Wargame: Red Dragon (RTS).

Sorry I'm all over here im having nerd spasms.

Half-Life Series, Portal Series, CS 1.6 (CSS is okay..) and CSGO

i am into all types of games. graphics are okay too but as long as the game is good i dont really mind if they are too bad

All those games I listed in a few posts up are great games. Also wanted to add that Unreal tournament is real fun and Team Fortress 2. Both Death match type shooters. I'm guessing you have a laptop right now or a tablet?

Sounds like you'd be perfect with a gtx 960 or a R9 280.

brutal doom.

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[Insert obligatory Deus Ex recommendation here]

Someone just re-installed it.

I found Planetside 2 being pretty difficult game to play alone as a low rank, but it can get pretty fun, if you have full squad with friends.

Yeah, it takes a lot to get reallyy used to it. Soloing the game is pretty rare, for people that do good.

I used to solo around as a sniper infil, and it took me hundreds of hours to get good... that was before the poorly optimized code... I now have trouble holding a constant fps.

I am running mostly at 60+ fps. Game style is cool and I am grinding for harasser minigun at the moment