What do you look for in a SSD?

Do you look for whichever is the fastest out of all of them? Are the ones with the fastest IOPS the one for you?


Or do you look for a drive that will be reliable? A drive that you wont have to RMA because of Bluescreens and failures?


Do you want a drive that will last? Or do you sacrifice reliability to have a faster drive?

All SSDs are faster than HDDs, is that enough for you guys? or do you need more?

speed or reliability, which one?

When I bought mine I was looking at speed of course, but really watched those with most reviews. This was couple years ago and was still skeptical about the life span and durability of SSD's. 

The SSD I ended up going with didn't have a whole lot of reviews and still not a lot to this day. Purchased the Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue (SSC-D0128SC-2100). That was in Sep/2010, and it is still running perfect still. 

So if I were to purchase another one, id really try to find the fastest one with some good reviews, mostly ones that have had it for a good while. But like always keep good backups and all drive manufacures have great RMA systems.


Stay namebrand, find fastest one that fits budget.

I just choose by reviews really. Prices aren't crazy anymore. Super happy with my HyperX 3K. 

I always look for speed. The faster the better. Most drives don't seem to fail, and if they do then it was probably just a bad drive and the manufacturer will give you a new one.